Dealing With Everyday Family Problems With A Smile

by : Ronnie Nijmeh

Families are made up of complex interpersonal relationship and with so many different personalities, needs, and interactions, problems are going to arise. It's inevitable!

Whether there is tension between a mother and a father about who does what for the kids or between parents and children because of the rules of the house, conflicts naturally arise. We can choose to deal with our families and the problems we encounter in a positive way or we can deal with them in a negative way. It's always a choice!

Obviously, no one wants to communicate with the people that they love most in a negative way, but it still happens and we often don't realize it until the damage is done. If you want to avoid negative interactions with your family members, you can try using positive affirmations to deal with family to remind you of how truly precious these relationships are to you.

Family Relationships Made Better Through Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are something that most people could use to help them deal with everyday family problems in a more positive manner. Positive affirmations should strike a chord with you, meaning that these statements need to mean something to you and you need to believe in them.

These affirmation statements should summarize the way you want to feel or behave when dealing with family problems. A simple but effective example would be, "My family is my heart. No problem is too big for us." As you can see, this is simple! It snaps you out of your negative attitude and you can use it to strengthen your relationships as well as better manage any problems that arise.

How does this work? Family affirmations, like all affirmations, work through the use of these statements and your belief in them. When you are going through a trying time with your family, instead of screaming and yelling, you can pause for just a moment and recite your positive affirmations and then tackle the problem. It brings you into a calm state of mind, which is necessary when trying to resolve conflict effectively. When you pause for this second or two, you effectively change your thought process from negative to positive. When you change the thought process you change the reaction and therefore change the interaction for the better.

Simple, isn't it?

I know, I know... some family situations can be tough and sometimes you may feel like you need a miracle to solve them, but when you are able to use affirmations to quiet your mind and take a deep breath, you will find that you can be a calming or reasoning influence instead of just another family member that adds to the hysteria, frustration, sadness, and anger.

If your family is important to you, you should try making positive affirmations a part of your life. You'll feel better about the way you are able to interact with the people that you love and they will certainly appreciate the more positive approach, too. You might want to share your free positive affirmations with your family members and suggest that they use them, too.

It doesn't matter if you are a child, a spouse, or a parent your interactions with your family members can be positively changed through the use of positive affirmations for relationships.

Remember, when you incorporate affirmations into your life, you are only responsible for the way you respond. You cannot necessarily guarantee that everyone else will respond in kind. But you just might find that your calmness and patience helps to solve any disagreements a whole lot more effectively! Positive affirmations can help you do this, so give them a try today.