Garden Fountain Maintenance

by : Daniel Roshard

A fountain in the front of your house, or in your garden is something unique and special, giving the house a look that is truly its own, if you have, or are planning on getting a fountain there are a few things that you should know about how to keep and care for these features.

Almost any garden fountain looks astonishing when it is newly installed. And even when the effects of weather and age are obvious, garden fountain seems to charm everyone. But it does not mean that you neglect the uneven flow and murky water in your garden fountain.

To maintain your garden fountain in its perfect look, you have to keep in mind the following tips: Problem: The water from your garden fountain flows unevenly. The Diagnosis - The garden fountain may be sinking unevenly or garden fountain is uneven right from the very beginning, thus, favoring to lean on one side.

Solution - The garden fountain must be constructed on a strong, stable and accurately level ground because these determine the outcome of the fountain. But, if it is too late to make a mend, try to place silicon sealants on lumps that flow water. Silicon sealants will control the flow of the water and will not obstruct the appearance of the garden fountain.

Problem - The water is not flowing down the fountain.
The water pump socket might not be plugged. The water could not flow because pipe might be kinked or trapped under the fountains heavy weight. If the water pump is plugged in from an electric source and still there no water flowing down, the water pump may be effective. The hose connection could be destroyed. There is a clog build up inside the hose or the hose is not connected to the pump.The water pump is not sucking enough water.

Some possible solutions can be - Plug the socket in an electric current and turn the switch on. Check the pipe for damage. Free it if it is trapped under a heavy weight. Make sure that the water pump is really defective before replacing it with a new one. Replace the hose connection. Free any solid deposit inside the hole to bring back the natural flow of water. It may be algae or insects. Make sure that the water pump and the hose is connected. Make sure that the water pump is completely immersed underwater.

Other kind of problems may involve a white build-up from the bottom of the fountain all the way up to the water line. The Diagnosis - You are putting 'hard water' on your garden fountain, a possible solution is to drain your fountain, clean the white build-up, and refill it with rainwater and not tap water.