How to Replace your Garden Gazebo Canopy Top

by : Michael Yim

Gazebos are an integral part of the American patio. An open and airy gazebo can create the perfect summer oasis and gathering point for friends and family. Thanks to the purchasing power of Big Box stores like Target, Wal-Mart, and Lowe's, thousands of homeowners have been able to purchase and setup 10'x10' steel gazebos often for less than $200.00. These quick setup gazebos are decorative and functional, providing protection from the sun's harmful UV rays while creating the perfect home for outdoor dining sets. The problem? The durable steel frames of these 10'x10' gazebos almost always outlast the life of the canopy tops that cover them. Within months, sometimes even weeks, the canopies of these gazebos fade, wear, rip and, tear. All too often, homeowners are left with an unattractive patio eye sore.

Why do the canopy tops fail so often? In a nutshell, the canopy tops that come standard with 10'x10' steel gazebos are tailored from very low grade poly-vinyl fabric. Gazebo manufacturers steer away from high grade UV resistant fabrics (i.e. Sunbrellaâ„?), to keep the price point on these gazebos attractively low. Unfortunately, these low grade canopy tops are subject a vast range of extreme weather: snow, ice, rain, UV sun rays, freezing temperatures, and heat. In a matter of just weeks, a combination of these weather conditions can weaken and make brittle the canopy tops on these gazebos. Water that is trapped from inadequate grommet drainage causes the canopy to sage and stretch. Discoloration and fading immediately follows. The final death nail? Wind. Wind will rip and tear the canopy into shreds.

Here is what usually happens next. The unsuspecting gazebo owner heads to the store to buy a replacement canopy for the gazebo. He becomes quite dismayed to find out that the retailer does not carry a replacement top. Without much avail, the retailer tells the gazebo owner to call the manufacturer. The problem? The retailer or owner often does not know the name of the manufacturer because the box or manual has been trashed, or the retailer purchased it from some unknown distributor with no paper trail. The owner is left stranded in a search for a product that is hard to find and a gazebo that is need of desperate repair for the party next weekend. What now?

Garden Winds, a renowned internet retailer of outdoor decor products, has invested much time and resources to help gazebo owners with this common problem. After years of listening to customers and investing in research and development, Garden Winds now designs and manufactures a replacement gazebo canopy top that will fix the problem. The biggest difficulty in the replacement design is crafting a replacement canopy top that fits a majority of the 10'x10 steel gazebos on the market today. There is at least 20-30 manufactures of these steel gazebos, each producing gazebos of varying dimensions, roof pitches, tiered roof systems, etc. More often than not, gazebo owners often purchase replacement tops that do not fit. No worries! Garden Winds has designed canopy tops that fit 90% of gazebos on the market. Using higher grade UV resistant fabrics in the manufacturing process, Garden Winds is able to provide a product that fits, and a product that lasts.

If you happen to be a homeowner frustrated with a ripped canopy top on your gazebo, call Garden Winds today toll free (877) 479-4637, visit their website, or email them at The demand for their canopy tops is often greater than their supply, especially during March - August. Call them today to make sure you're ready for your next party.