Keeping Track of Your Teenagers Like James Bond

by : Llunlimited

As a parent there are many worries of how to try to keep your teen out of harms way. As your child grows into an adult the adventurous spirit can seem to get out of hand and cause a lot of worry. Whether you trust your teen or not, as a parent, you most undoubtedly will want to know your child is safe and where they say they are.

Growing into an adult for a teen means more adult responsibilities and adult privileges, but in an adult world we all know there are dangers that exist that your preadult child may not always have the best judgment for. As a parent you want to have the extra security of knowledge of the whereabouts of your son or daughter in case of an emergency, regardless of what constitutes an emergency in your mind.

Luckily for parents worried about their child there are advancements in technology now that can allow you to track your kid and where they are without their knowledge. I know, sounds a bit intrusive or C.I.A. like, but if you want to know with absolute certainty that your teen is in a safe area, then maybe us parents need to be intrusive once in a while.

This technological advancement won't be very effective if your teen knows they are being tracked. We aren't tracking a pet here, it is your bright child who will find a way out of being tracked if they know you are onto them, so parents, use this technology with discretion. If your kid needs to believe you have psychic powers then so be it, never give up your source. Here's a cyanide pill for in case (joking). Seriously though, losing your child's trust can be far worse of an outcome for you as a parent and you won't have the security of knowing your teen's whereabouts anymore giving up your source, so try to keep it under wraps.

The technology in place that allows you to track your teen(s) is called LBS other wise known as Location Based Service that works with cell phones. As a parent you can buy an LBS phone for your kid under one of many cellular providers and for an additional fee view your teenager's exact location without having to call them.

The location based service gives you a website where parents log in and see the results of their teenager's travels and where they are hanging out. The phones tend to run a bit higher, $100.00 a pop or more per phone along with additional monthly fees, but the security and reassurance that comes with it may be what your looking for.

There is some good news for newer cell phone households. You may have the technology already in your cell phones. The best way to find out if you already have an LBS ready phone is to call your provider and ask. If you do have the service, you can arrange to add a monthly fee to your cell phone bill to begin tracking your teenager via a web interface and start resting easier.

If you have a preteen child, Disney has made a combination of cell phones and services that can do a variety of additional tasks. Such tasks include controlling when phone calls can be made and to which numbers to name a few. So you might want to check out Disney's product line for the younger kids.

All in all, this technology will not take place of good parenting, but in my belief, this technology sure will help.