Anger Management for the Teen Who Knows it All

by : Michele Rogers

Teens now a day seem to know everything. Heck they think we just exist for the shear pleasure of cooking them their meals and taking them where they need to go. Seems more than not, they love to talk back and yell. Why not yell they feel the louder they yell the more we will hear them and then they get mad when we do not understand and then they walk out stomping or worse, cussing!

Teens usually fly of the handle when they have no patience with us, or they have a disagreement with their curfew. Teens have every thing going with them, from hormones, to girl or boy friends to just about anything else if they look at them wrong.

By telling them you will not talk to them when they are yelling is a good way to start. Tell them that nothing is every solved with yelling and tell them you know they would want to come to a better resolved for the problems, so talk it over with them. Sit, yes that's right moms and dads, sit get out of the fast lane and take time! By sitting down, and listening to your teen, you will be surprised that they are caught off guard. Tell them you are all ears and that you want to resolve the problem.

If the anger is there because you will not let them go out and stay late, compromise with them. Tell them you will let them, if they will start to practice talking things out and not yelling at it all and becoming angry. But also in that tell them they will have consequences if they do not abide by the new decision, for example if you allow them an extra hour, and they come home later, tell them you will reduce the next time. But be sure to tell them ahead of time.

You will be surprised that teens are all to willing to negotiate. You need to learn how to be an auctioneer...bargain, start small and then go from there. By talking and sitting, yes sitting with your teen you will find that the anger will diminish over time.