The Top Loveliest Valentines Day Symbols, Ever!

by : D. Halet

February 14, is widely regarded throughout the world as the feast of love and lovers send cards and give flowers (red roses in general, representing passion) to the one they love.We know almost nothing about the origins of Valentine's Day: people generally think that its origins lie in Lupercalia (festivals of purification , resurrection and fertility) - that are Roman annual celebrations in honor of Lupercus, protector of the fields and herds - that occurred around mid-February.There is a common belief about Charles of Orleans who would have sent love letters on February 14th to Mary of Cleves, at the time when he was prisoner of war in England.Another belief is that on mid-February, as the springtime is approaching, birds start to mate.However, Valentine's Day is recognized for many centuries and there is a medieval tag dedicated to this special day:"Bleeding of Valentine's DayMakes blood clear night and dayAnd the day before bleedingPreserves of fever throughout the year "One of the simplest and most popular Valentine's Day gifts is the greeting card, that we send to our beloved one, our close relatives as well as our friends.The Most Romantic Postal Tip Is:Pack your Valentines card in a large envelope and send it to Loveland, Colorado. Your Valentine card will then be stamped by Loveland volunteers and re-mailed from Loveland to your beloved one.In the Middle Ages, love did not have the same meaning as in the Twenty-First Century: Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of France and England by the anger of God would confirm it. She organized a Court of love that had strict rules and laws and love meant a lot more than it seemed: a lover was a squire of dames, love was pure and non-physical, squires could not act improperly. A squire was a friend of dames and the court was a dedication.That is the reason why Valentine's Day is one of the most special days of the year for many people and not only a day reserved for lovers to celebrate their feelings.The lack of a significant other on Valentine's Day does not mean that you can not celebrate Valentine's Day. Never hesitate to celebrate Valentine's Day with your close relatives and friends instead of your missing boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband.Valentine's Day has its symbols. Its five main symbols are as follows:
  • Cupid, the god of love and other Cherubs
  • A pair of doves
  • The heart that beats to the rhythm of our emotions
  • The V'day signature is "xxx"
  • Lace and ribbons that decorate our gifts
The three main Valentine's Day colors are:
  • Red that represents passion, luxury and pleasure.
  • White that evokes peace, purity, innocence.
  • Rose that is a color that relates to seduction.
The top Valentines flower is the rose as it is devoted to love.The top Romantic Valentine's Trip is:Saint-Valentin, France ; which is a beautiful small village and the only one that has the name of the famous celebration of love. Once a year, Saint-Valentin community celebrates love with a festival. However, you have the opportunity to visit Saint-Valentin every other day of the year and discover their Lovers Garden, Valentines House, Valentines Post Office and Valentines Kiosk. Remember to buy some "Cuddle Valentine"Business Management Articles, which are particularly delicious foods made in the village.