Tips from the Small Move Experts Before You Start Packing

by : Dinkum Interactive

If you're preparing to move, whether long or short distances, big or small, doing it right can only mean one thing...preparation. Moving can be very stressful and as a moving company we have refined our processes for easing a customer's stress levels. We've compiled our top six tips for this article.

1. Start with one room. Do not proceed to the next room until you have determined what you don't need. Decide what you REALLY use and what is just taking up space.

2. Take a good look at those big items. You probably have one or more pieces of furniture cluttering up your rooms. If you're not using it, someone else can. If you don't know anyone local who needs the item(s), you can ship large items to a friend or relative in another state - or make some money by selling on eBay.

3. Don't pay a full-load mover to send large pieces. Instead contact a small move specialist. Small move specialists will move a single sofa or a room full of furniture a lot cheaper than a full-load mover. (They combine pickups from a given area and transport multiple shipments on one truck to reduce your cost). You get full service from a professional mover, including inside pickup and delivery and blanket wrapping, but you pay less.

4. You can box up and ship clothing the same way. Or give it away. Get rid of anything that you have not worn in the last two years. There are many charities that would be more than happy to have them.

5. Clean floors, walls, windows, curtains, blinds and baseboards - now that you can get to them!

6. Clean up and organize your personal and work files. Now that your home is clean, start cleaning up your personal and work paperwork. Remember to organize and clean out your electronic files too - including email.

When your small move is long distanceArticle Submission, a full-load moving company charges you for a full truck- regardless of how small your move is. Small move experts will charge only for the room the items in your small move require. Make sure to get an exact small move price quote including inside pickup and delivery. There should be no surprises and no hidden charges for your small move.

Take advantage of the move to declutter. Be ruthless. A change like moving house can also be an opportunity to change other aspects of your life (like the wardrobe you've had since the '80's). Hire some help to decrease the stress levels. Aside from tips they should also help with small moves and can supply anything from boxes to moving quilts.