All The Amazing Secrets Of Feng Shui For The Office Desk

by : Dane Stanton

In today's era of open concept offices and cubicle farms, introducing some feng shui for the office desk concepts to the office will keep the energy flowing positively around you, so that your mind will be clear and you will have good fortune in your work. Feng shui for the office desk is the ancient Chinese art of harmony and energy flow and that affects you and your physical environment, so follow these tips and tricks to ensure the energy flows:

- Position the desk so that you have clear sight of the door, with the wall at your back. This allows you to see who enters your office, and gives you the security and protection of the wall.

- Keep the area in front of your desk clear, to allow for freedom of movement of both people and energy.

- Try not to put your desk next to, or directly opposite the door, as these positions disrupt the direct path of the energy flow into the room.

- Do not face the desk directly towards a wall, as it acts as a barrier to the energy.

- If in a cubicle, try to arrange your workspace so that you do not look straight out into a hallway, or a stairwell, storage rooms, closets, elevators, escalators, or toilets.

- Enhance your creativity by placing your computer in the North or West area of your desk.

- Increase your business and/or career success by placing an aquarium or tabletop fountain in the North, East, or Southeast area of your desk.

- Placing a metal safe in either the North or Northwest corner of your office will symbolize the security and prosperity of a business.

- Have a good balance of opposites in your office area: light and dark colors, hard and soft cushions on chairs, etc.

Ensuring your desk has the optimal feng shui for the office desk flow is difficult for cubicles, as often moving the desk is not an option, but you can still implement many of the same feng shui for the office desk concepts. Simply substitute the words "desk" each time you see "office", and you'll be able to implement feng shui easily at your office desk.

Energy, or "chi" is one of the fundamental concepts in feng shui, and being able to increase the chi at your desk is important. More chi means greater prosperity and security for you, ensuring your success and happiness. Place an object in the wrong spot, and the chi is disrupted, and you will need to re-implement feng shui for the office desk at your office desk.