Vinyl Mini Blinds

by : Jimmy Sturo

Richly textured embossed prints, elegant neutrals, and wood tones add a decorative dimension not typically found in horizontal blinds. They are available in both solid colors and faux embossed finishes, and are available in a wide variety of larger slat sizes from 2-3 inches (dependent on manufacturer). PVC blinds are a durable and fashionable solution as a window treatment - remaining durable and easy to maintain regardless of humidity or other factors.

Lightweight vinyl blinds are the least expensive blind available, but the thin slats can sag, the cords shred and the mechanisms break.

Vinyl mini-blinds retail at $7.99 and $5.99 on sale. The step-up room darkening mini blind, a better quality product with less space in between the slats, runs as high as $10.99.

Some imported vinyl blinds contain lead, a health hazardous substance. Lead poisoning is especially acute for pregnant women or young children because of their fast growing vulnerable tissue. Vinyl blinds produced in the United States are lead-free.

Vinyl blinds are usually the easiest to maintain. You can clean them by hanging them on a clothesline and spraying them with a garden hose.

Vinyl blinds are probably the lowest cost solution available for the shoppers. These are most often purchased off the shelf at retailers in generic sizes.

The one drawback is they lack insulating value and are not airtight. Blinds are more effective in the summer. They block direct sunlight. Blinds reflect some heat if they are light in color. If you choose blinds in a dark color, think about purchasing duotone blinds for some insulating value. Duotone blinds have a reflective color on the back and show white to the street making them perfect for apartments and condos.