How to Find a Mover ?

by : Vidya Garapati (GV)

Finding the right mover is a stressful job. A lot of research and time needs to be devoted to this work. Choosing the wrong mover can have disastrous results. You could end up losing your belongings, damaging them or paying a lot more than your original estimate.

To choose the right mover it is important to carry out proper research. The best option is to check out at least 10 movers and then pick the one that is least likely to cause problems. Research the history of the movers and find out the details involved in making the move. Your mover should provide you with all important data regarding the mode of packing, the time needed for transportation and the estimated cost of the move. Interviewing the movers before hiring their services will give you a good idea of whether their services meet your needs. The necessary points to clarify during the interview are the registration of the company, the rates and estimates offered by them, the subcontractors - if any, the additional fees and transfers, the insurance provided by the company, packing and storage options and also the complaints and claims that you are entitled to. Always check the referrals or recommendations of the company. If possible, then ask for any letters written by previous customers. Usually most moving companies will be more than happy to show you letters from satisfied clients. However, there is always a possibility that the letters may be faked. Try to follow up on the referrals.

Check the company website. The websites list the services, service history and the destinations they move to. Follow up on the web information with a thorough background check on the company.

One of the best ways of verifying the credentials of a company is to ask around. Some one among your friends, colleagues or relatives must have moved at least once. Talk to them and see if they can recommend a reliable company. Usually companies that have been in business for a long time provide satisfactory service.

Once you have short listed the best moving companies, visit their offices. Make sure the company is really who they say they are. Check out the trucks and storage spaces. Avoid companies with shabby offices and storage facilities.

A reliable company should give an estimate only after visiting your house. Feel free to ask questions regarding any doubts that you may have. Remember, all your belongings are at stake. Don’t hold back because you think it’s impolite to ask too many questions or you are feeling shy.

According to US Federal Law, the moving company should provide you with a copy of "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move". If the company does not provide you with this booklet, do not hire them.

Finally, never ever sign any document without going through it thoroughly.