Free African Games

by : Joan Bramsch


African Games
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Addy's Escape to Freedom
Learn about Addy's escape from slavery to freedom with her mother in this multiple choice story/game based on the books from The American Girls Collection.

Black History Quiz
How much do you know about Black history?

Decode the Message
Use the ancient nubian alphabet to decode this message

National Geographic Okavango Sketchbook
Color some African animalsThe top color is your current color - click to color that part of the animal, click a color to change colors.

Match the Tracks
Can you match the tracks of these African animals?

Read Some Myths and Fables from Around the World
Most of these online stories are from parts of Africa, but some are from India, Japan, and even Native America.

Kid's Crossword
Test your knowledge about Africa

African Animals
Take a test that will ask ten questions about different African animals.

African Countries
Pick one of the four regions of Africa to studyFind Article, and learn about the many countries