Sit Stay Fetch: Dog Training Review

by : Tammy R

Dog Training getting you down? Well for me it definitely was. It seemed that no matter what I did the outcome was the same. Sometimes I wondered what was harder- raising my son or raising my dog ;)

I have a 2 year old Cocker Spaniel named Rocky which I have had since he was a puppy. It was the classic case of love at first sight (along with my son saying "can we keep him, mom, plleeaassee...I PROMISE to help walk him and feed him....."). Of course, if you have children then I'm sure you will agree that as cute as they are, and as much as you love them, they lie like rugs!! Although, that is another article in itself.

When it came to dog training I had always done what I thought was right despite the overload of opinions and advice that was given to me. Not to say that I didn't try different things. In the end the results were always the same. You see, my dear Rocky had a major problem with barking, chewing, snapping....amongst other common dog behavior problems. His barking was the worst of them all. He would bark at anything that went by my window...people, other dogs, cats, squirrels, name it! It also didn't help matters that my windows were all so close to the ground (something I didn't think about when I bought the place!). It was getting so bad that my friends and family wouldn't even visit anymore. Needless to say I was at my ropes end and desperately needed to find something that actually worked.

I couldn't afford professional dog training, and had tried all different books and techniques; non which actually worked. Every time I did any searches on my computer for dog training I would always see tons of ads for 'Sit Stay Fetch'. I was reluctant to try it, but after spending countless hours reading every free resource available and not getting any further ahead I decided to buy it. Plus, it came with a full money back guarantee which helped.

The only thing that I can say is this...If you have any behavioral issues with your dog, or even if you are just looking to train your puppy....get it!! Not only did it work for me, it showed me some of the classic mistakes people make while training their dog; including myself. This guide is extremely thorough and even has step by step video tutorials so that you can actually see the techniques in action. It covers every topic you could imagine from barking to biting...even problems that I never even heard of! Also, if you have any questions, you get a free e-mail consultation with a professional dog trainer.

I highly recommend 'Sit Stay Fetch' for anyone who is a dog owner. Believe me, you won't be disappointed!!