Bathroom Designer

by : John Pawlett

When my wife first suggested that we get hold of an interior designer for the house, I totally agreed with her. I mean, I had been saving up for the ideal house for years on end and obviously wanted it to look as good as it possibly could. And I had seen enough shows on the tube to know that interior designers could actually transform the way a house looked and make it altogether more appealing and attractive. But when she stretched the concept a little further to hint that we should be looking at a bathroom designer, I totally flipped.

I don't see myself as an unreasonable man. I am pretty much open to new ideas, even though of late they seem to have become really scarce and consequently overpriced. But a bathroom designer? I mean, why would anyone need to go in for a bathroom designer? As far as I was concerned, a bathroom could primarily be used for two or maybe three core purposes. And even if you suffer from prolonged bouts of depression or diarrhea, or both, how much time are you likely to spend in the bathroom?

In any case, I had to submit to my wife's demands. I wasn't really sure how she was even going to get a bathroom designer till I found out that there is actually a category for these people in the yellow pages! Beat that! Seems I was the only one who was missing out on a global trend. By this time I was more curious than perplexed and wanted to see for myself what this creature called a bathroom designer actually looked like.

To be frank, I was actually impressed. Not only was this bathroom designer guy a qualified plumber (a pre-requisite?) he was also an excellent interior designer for bathrooms. After having spent a fair amount of time understanding him and his peculiar craft, both my wife and I decided to give him a free hand with the design of our bathroom.

Suffice to say that when this bathroom designer has finished with our bathroom, we were both flabbergasted. He had done an amazing job! Not only had the bathroom designer stayed true to his name, he had surpassed my wildest expectations! The bathroom was suddenly more spacious, more comfortable and much more appealing. The prospect of spending a whole lot of time there suddenly became very appealing.