Lighting as Part of Bedroom Design Ideas

by : Darrin Reservitz

Many fail to consider lighting in their bedroom design ideas. But remember that lighting sets the mood of the room, creating everything from romantic bedrooms to functional reading rooms. Always in keep in mind that lighting, good or bad, will influence the enjoyment of your new bedroom interior design.


Don't forget lighting location in your bedroom interior design plans. Lighting controls by the door and the bed will make your life easier. In addition, if you have a partner who goes to bed earlier than you, make sure you have a light that shines away from him or her so that he or she can sleep while you read or watch TV in bed. Last, try positioning a light behind you in order to eliminate shadows that can distract you from that book you read before falling asleep.

Lighting Source

The source of your lighting will have a large effect on the overall look of the room. Natural light can bring a peace and comfort to all bedroom design ideas. Not many windows in your bedroom? Try candles, which are great for romantic bedrooms. Or, consider the use of soft light bulbs in your lamps (another good idea for romantic bedrooms).

Don't Forget Lamps

Consider lamps when considering all bedroom design ideas. You can place table and floor lamps anywhere in the room you need light. This is particularly useful given that many bedrooms do not have overhead light fixtures.I In addition, a stylish lamp or two can drastically improve the appearance of your bedroom.

Lighting, when doing your bedroom interior design, should always play a conscious part. Lighting sets the ambiance, affects the look of the room, and, in its most basic sense, allows you to perform your favorite bedroom reading.