How to Get What You Want in the Bedroom

by : Laina Huculak

It's hard to feel romantic if you're sleeping on a second-hand mattress and have no bed frame, let alone a real bed. Being a young person in love often means having to settle for less than stellar furniture (and myriad other issues that come with being a money-less, goal-less twenty-something) Here are, in no particular order, the top three ways to improve your bedroom style and avoid sleeping on the sofa. Alone.

1.Know your style. This may seem simple enough, but note that 'your' is also plural. You need to know what works for you AND your partner together. That is the point, after all, correct? If you love contemporary and your trusty sidekick is a traditionalist at heart, heads will butt. Sleek lines and darker finishes paired with ornate detailing and a canopy bed may not gel well together. Research, research, research and find something that suits you mutually. Perhaps you can compromise and purchase a platform bed in an oak finish or a poster bed with a dark espresso finish. A relationship will blossom if you introduce your two styles: classic, meet contemporary; contemporary, meet classic.

2.Know your quantity. Do you like a more sparsely filled room, or do you like the look of a lot of matching pieces? You can choose bedroom furniture sets that come with any or all beds, chests of drawers, armoires, nightstands, and mirrors. If closet space is minimal, choosing a set with an armoire just makes good sense and will reduce unnecessary "your space; my space" fights. With two people, there are instantly two sides of the bed and therefore two bedside tables are compulsory. Be sure that you get enough bedroom furniture for both of you. You're a team now. There's no "I" in team.

3.Know your budget. If you are sleeping on a hand-me-down mattress, you likely already do know your budget, but it's also important to look at this new bedroom set as an investment, not unlike your relationship. Put in a little, get a little. Put in a little more effort, get a lot. Buying a quality bedroom set can last until your silver anniversary. Your relationship won't unless you buck up and fill your bedroom with stylish, romantic bedroom furniture. Give each other a reason to want to head to the bedroom again.

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