Graduation Gifts for Men

by : Matthew Seigneur

How to Select a Graduation Gift for a young man

First when selecting a graduation giftfor any young man you need to decide what he is going to be after graduation. Is he headed off to college or out into the work force?
The graduation gifts that is often asked for are; a car, money, vacation, computer, or new clothes.

Most often some of these are just too expensive for some of us to buy.

A car would be an awesome graduation gift for any young man going off to be on his own. If you can not afford a brand new car look at some used cars that will not cramp his style.

He will appreciate owning his own car, and he may even get to come home more often from college if he has his own wheels. So, it could be a good investment for you also.

If the young man is headed of to college you could buy him a book for a graduation gift that pertains to his course of study. A good book to read can be a great gift even if they are just getting a job. Sometimes reading is relaxing and this would be a great way to
have a break from their normal routine.

What about a gift basket filled with their favorite goodies? Or you could even make a gift basket yourself for a graduation gift instead of buying one that is already filled.

You probably know more of what items they could use or eat. If you are preparing one for college you could always add items they could use with their new computer, a mouse pad, software, and even some games for a break from studying. Always include a prepaid phone card; you want this young man to call home often.

A nice graduation gift would be to put together a photo album of the years he spent in high school. Any man would enjoy looking back at when he scored the final touchdown in the big game, or maybe was voted King of the prom. He would love taking a break and
enjoying these photos.

Jewelry is always a great graduation gift. An engraved watch with the date of graduation is something any man would cherish through his college years. It marks a very important date in his young life.
If you just can’t decide on what type of graduation gift to buy a gift certificate is always awesome.

This way he can decide what clothing, books, etc. he may want. You are giving the young man the ability to choose what he needs and wants and that is great ways of showing him you know that he is a man.

If your young man is going off to college you can put together a wonderful graduation gift that will help him survive his first year of college away from home.

Buy a nice wicker basket or some other type of box or basket that you believe he will reuse after he uses up the supplies.

Then fill the basket full of small graduation gifts like: a first aid kit (tweezers, nail clippers, safety pins, band aids, anti bacterial lotion, etc.), comfortable slip on shoes for the shower, magnet for the frig (to keep track of important phone numbers like home), reading light (so he doesn’t disturb his room mates while studying late at night), a can opener, a screw driver, a bottle opener, keychain(any other small items you can think of), stamped postcards (your young man can send off when he is too busy to sit down and write a long letter), pizza gift cards, note books, pencils, pensBusiness Management Articles, stationary and envelopes.

Any man would absolutely love a graduation gift that shows just how much you care. Putting together a basket full of goodies would be one of the best gifts of the year.