Gourmet Meat Gifts

by : Ross Bainbridge

A traditional holiday feast, weddings, and religious occasions—the pride of any holiday spread is most likely delicious succulent meat prepared lovingly, relying on old family recipes. Imagine a Thanksgiving without turkey; hard isn’t it? Sustaining life, these celebrations are almost food festivals, bringing people together. Be it Asian, African or American culture, symbolic food plays a vital role in ethnicity.

The culinary repertoire of any society is fascinating; skill and creativity enhanced all the more during religious festivals and pivotal holidays. Eating meat is an old human habit, and asking forgiveness of vegetarians and vegans, extolling the virtues of flavorful meat comes all too easily.

Gourmet meats are ideal gifts, and it is unlikely that they will find their way back to the store for an exchange! Gone are the days when eating meat was a rarity for medieval peasants, except when the calendar provided holidays. In vogue today are unusual meats and exotic cooking methods. The most common meats are poultry, beef, lamb, pork, and seafood. With convenience being the key factor, meat departments and butchers are busy with instant creations, which are ready for the grill or oven. Available meats are usually fresh, smoked, grilled, stuffed, roasted, and cooked in different regional styles with wonderful rich flavors of perfect additives or condiments.

There are gourmet fillets, smoked poultry and ham, spicy sausages, pâté foie gras, rib eye steaks, pork chops, boneless strips, marinated steaks, veal shanks or cutlets, ground meats, different styles of salami, bologna, and bacon. Medallions, ribs, tongue and many more exotic choices such as venison, rabbits, Elk, kangaroo, wild game, snake, alligator, ostrich and buffalo are becoming popular. Great samplers are available for the outdoor enthusiast.

There are prime meat cuts, styles, and seasonings to delight any buyer. The price aspect should be considered before buying gourmet meat. Expensive tender cuts are identifying characteristics of gourmet meat, and one shouldn’t deny oneself this treat! But it is important to have a balanced meal; after all it shouldn’t be like the English clergyman Fuller said, “much meat, much malady".