Tale of the Rocking Horse Gift Set

by : Mike Bradbury

When a newborn baby enters the world, meaningful new baby gifts await.? The rocking horse has been a well receivedgift since the 17th century, when Socrates is rumored to have playedwith them.? Although rocking horsesaren’t manufactured widely as they once were, many gift companies strive tokeep their tradition alive.? There existsa unique story or tale behind each rocking horse gift set.?

In a land up high in the sky lives a special breed of winged rocking horses.?They spend their days frolicking and playing in airy meadows. They lead ahappy life up in the clouds, but each winged rocking horse dreams of the daythey are called upon for a very special job—to safely fly a newborn baby to itsloving family on Earth.

The winged rocking horse also carries treats and delivers a special messageto welcome the new baby to the world. ?Once the baby and family areunited, the winged rocking horse assumes a special place in the nursery to keepa watchful eye on the little one.

Sending one of these winged rocking horses to celebrate the birth of newbornbaby has been a tradition since the 1980s. It has gone through severalincarnations over the years, but the wooden horse has always been handpainted withcare. ?Each winged rocking horse is personalized with the newborn's name,birthdate, and height/weight information on one side, and has a touching poemon the other side of the horse:

Babies are Angels that fly down to Earth,Their wings disappear at the time of their birth.One look into their eyes and we're never the same, They're a part of us now and that part has a name.That part of your heart and a bond that won’t sever,Our babies are AngelsArticle Submission, we love them forever.