Creative Gift Wrap Ideas - Show your Colors

by : Robert Lovelace

Where do creative ideas come from? The cool thing about gift wrapping is that it's offers the chance to make a personal gesture while having fun. But there are some tricks that will make life easier, so if you are a little shy, don't fret, here are some tips that will get you going.

It's all about attitude. If you look upon gift wrapping as a chore, you are missing one of life's golden moments. The opportunity to have fun and add to the excitement of the gift giving moment with your own personal touch. And the first place to start is to realize that you have lots of friends and relatives, and just like you, they like receiving gifts. So instead of rushing through the part that offers so much and pays big bonuses, slow down and think. You may even find yourself inventing little gift giving opportunities just so you can flex the creative side of the brain.

Tip 1: Gift wrapping is just meant to be a playful time, not a major project. Of course you want to make it so, that's ok. Having a fun attitude is the right way to go about it and it can be if you first take a little time to get organized. How much fun would it be if you had to look all over the house every time you wanted to bake some cupcakes? Yep, a drawer for tools, rolls of paper, ribbon and bows sorted into boxes can get that crafty muse into the creative mood when all ingredients are at hand. Stackable plastic tubs are perfect for having every thing ready. In addition to the usual, stock up on colored craft paper and the same for tissue. These and a good assortment of small ornaments will go a long way toward making you the wizard of wrap.

Tip 2: Paper - There is an unlimited selection to choose from. If you are partial to a certain palette, say greens and blues, stock up when you see a bargain. Solid colors offer a lot of choices for embellishments and the use of contrasting ribbon. The plainer the paper the fancier the decorations. Try your hand at a corsage, putting together tissue paper flowers, construction paper leaves - score them with a wavy line and shape them. Then add lots of curly ribbon and long thread-like pieces of colored paper.

Tip 3: Experiment - before you wrap that gift, take a little time to explore any ideas that come to mind, or if you need a boost, thumb through your notebook of craft ideas. Here is a couple of thing you can try. Cut a simple shape like an open square or a hand from heavy paper to be used as a stencil. Then pounce, with brush or sponge, around the edges and remove. A spritz of spray paint will work also. Just add a wire handle to your stencil to keep your hands out of the way.

Like baking, snow men, hand decorated cupcakes and gift wrapping are a way to return to the playful side.