Gifts for Men - How to Give a Wonderful Gifts?

by : Josh Owen

Sometimes, searching, finding and giving gifts for men can be a real pain. Unlike women's gifts, gifts for men are much harder to locate. So, you're trying to find a gift for your man and get confused. You're not alone. Finding the right gifts for men were always a hard job for most of the people. Here are 10 steps to "How to give a wonderful gift for your man?"

1. Brainstorm. Consider who the gift is for. Categorize and break it down further: Old or young, achiever & thinker person or guy's guy, adventurer person or country clubber, gadgets and computers fan, or just a nice gentleman. Is he athletic or couch potato? Foody or health nut? What are his hobbies or interests? Once you've got a good analysis of the man you're getting the gift for, the process will be much easier.

2. If it's needed - do a little research. Talk to a friend or relative who knows the person well. Try to pull some information about hobbies, what he likes or dislikes.

3. Pick a hobby or area of interest. Now that you've got a little information, narrow it down to the hobby or interest you know the most about.

4. Listen up. If you spend any time at all talking to this man, tune in for phrases like, "Wouldn't it be nice to have..." or "Aren't those...a great idea?" or even "I am so tired of this old...". With clues like these, it's often possible to get somebody something they hadn't yet fully realized they needed.

5. Draw on your own experience and those of others. For example, if you're looking for a gift for father (let's say his father), you can ask his wife to make suggestions.

6. Go shopping with the recipient, and notice what he naturally gravitates toward. This is also a good time to listen for commentary on a person's likes and dislikes.

7. If it's needed - Ask! Find out whether he has a registry or wish list, or simply inquire what he had like. Your gift won't be original, or a big surprise, but it will not be the one that gathers dust afterward, either.

8. Not always, but most of the time, giving gifts for men isn't the same as with women's gifts. In the other hand, just like women's gifts, there are lots in common with gifts for men. Sometimes getting creative is a great option. For example: If you have a crafty side, why not get a nice boxer and some acrylic? Paint on a boxer with his nickname right on the buttocks side. If done in a nice print with some sense of hummer he will totally admire and appreciate the effort put into it, as well as the uniqueness of the gift.

9. Spend time with the recipient in a workshop, kitchen, or other favorite haunt? Do you know of a tool or other goodies that would improve their time there? For example, Digital Notepad is a great gift for men who dealing with writing at work or at home day in a day out.

10. Once you select a wonderful gift for him, don't forget to wrap the gift attractively and attaching a gift card. Small details are making the difference. Sometimes, wrapping men's gifts can be a small pain, but wrapping on your own is always the best choice.

Gifts for men - how to give them wonderful gifts - summary:

1. Brain storm then categorize your man.

2. Research about your man.

3. Pick a hobby or area of interest you know the most about your man.

4. Listen to your man. He could provide you great information about stuff he will like to have.

5. If it's needed - ask his friends, collogues or family for suggestions.

6. Notice what your man naturally gravitates toward when you go shopping together.

7. Sniff around. He might have a wish list.

8. You can be creative. Make a gift to a unique gift.

9. You can choose a gift that you know it will be useful for him.

10. Wrap the gift and attach a gift card. On your own.

Remember, giving a gift for man could be much easier. Good luck!