Fruit Baskets - Great Versatile Homemade Gifts for Everyone

by : Janet Vogel

Fruit baskets are ideal gifts for anyone for all holidays and special occasions. You can create beautiful fruit gift baskets for a group of people or for that one special person. And, they are practical as well as delicious.

If you've never made a gift basket, a fruit basket is a good place to start. You can't make a mistake when choosing items to include in your basket. When designing other theme gift baskets, the colors and sizes of gifts can be confusing. However, all fruits look wonderful together.

Start by selecting a white or natural colored wicker basket. A basket with handles are easier to carry if you are traveling a distance. Place straw or shredded brown paper in the empty basket before arranging the fruit and other items you have chosen.

In addition to fresh fruit, there are many other fruit related items you can add to give your basket more variety. I particularly like to scatter unshelled mixed nuts in with the fruit. Some other fruit related items that are readily available are dried fruits, fruit flavored tea, jams, jellies, fruit salsa, fruit vinegar, candied pineapple, apple crisps, and fruit flavored candy. A small box of chocolate covered cherries or fruit filled cookies are also nice additions.

The best fruits to include are bright red or green apples, oranges or tangerines, and pears that are not yet ripe. Bananas look really nice, but choose the ones that are not quite ripe. My favorite fruits to use for a decorative touch are grapes. At the last minute, scatter a few small bunches of both red and green grapes amongst the other fruits.

Another decorative touch is to place a terry or tea towel with a fruit theme under the fruit. A fruit scented candle is a wonderful gift item to finish off your beautiful gift basket.