Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend or Husband

by : Alice Duong

For the average person, we buy 3 gifts a year - birthday, Christmas and anniversary. For many, this is an easy task as we are spoilt with ideas and choices. However, for the person who seems to have everything this can be a stressful experience when it comes to finding a great birthday, Christmas or anniversary present. So how do you go about buying for those hard to buy for?

Buying gifts for that "person who has everything" tend to fall into 2 categories. The first are things that he may want and the second are things that he needs. A good starting point to finding the right gift is to match it to his personality, interests and needs.

If your boyfriend or husband is into gadgets or electronics, the person who has everything is most likely to have self-indulged in the latest LCD TV, iPod or stereo. Here, you will have to look for gifts that are generally given rather than something you would purchase yourself. One gift that I like is the digital photo frame or digital key chain.

If he is artistic or creative, personalized art is thoughtful and tasteful. Personalized art is something that is often given as a surprise gift for anniversaries or special occasions. Dig out a cool picture of the two of you and turn it into a fun piece of art.

Are you always the one that is wined and dine? Why not turn the table around and be the one to take him out for a romantic dinner and give him a bouquet of flowers to show your everlasting love. At least you will be remembered for the first girl to have bought him flowers!

If he loves to joke around and appreciates fun and novelty items, then giving him a silly office toy is a good way to relieve stress and lighten up his day. For the person who likes a bit of adventure, an experience gift such as sky diving, hot air balloon or formula car racing is a gift guaranteed to be remembered for many years to come.

The second category of gifts that he has and will always need is easier to buy but it requires some thought.

If your boyfriend or husband is a sports fanatic, he is most likely to have all the running gear, golf accessories or sports wear. Do some research and keep yourself updated with the latest sports gear and be ready to replace them when his old ones pass their sell by date. For example, my husband is a runner and typically running shoes last about 6 months so for his birthday I replaced his old running shoes with a new pair. This is a thoughtful gift.

Similarly, if he has certain hobbies or interests whether it is video games or reading, you can always buy him accessories related to his hobby but be sure to check that he doesn't already have it. Most likely, he will but if you are able to get ahead of the game by buying him something he doesn't have yet, it's a good way to his heart.

Another great gift that he has and always need is to put together a Gift Basket or if it is Christmas a Stocking Stuffer of little useful things. This could be personal care items, favorite snacks or CDs.

With some thought and understanding your partner's needs you will be able to find that perfect Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift that is out of the ordinary for that person who seems to have everything.