Gift Baskets for the Teams Cheerleaders

by : Anna Hart

Where do you find cheerleading gift baskets? Your local stores probably do not offer them. You may have trouble finding them online. That should not deter you in your search, though.

Cheerleading gift baskets are easy to make. They are fun, too. A small group of people can make gift baskets for every cheerleader in the school with little effort.

Most cheerleaders have 7 things in common - things on which great cheerleading gift baskets can be based.

1. love of sports
2. physical energy
3. physical skill
4. rhythm
5. loyalty
6. physical attractiveness
7. outgoing personality

Look at how you can create cheerleading gift baskets around those traits.

Love of Sports

Cheerleading gift baskets can look like soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, or volleyballs. Remove the "tops" from real balls, or make cheerleading gift baskets from ceramic planters/cookie jars shaped like balls. Your cheerleaders will appreciate the tie-in with what they love. If you use planters or cookie jars, they will last for years as a reminder of cheerleading days.

Physical Energy

Place a couple of energy bars in your cheerleading gift baskets to replenish cheerleaders' supply. Small bags of trail mix are also good. Depending on your budget, you might include a gift card from a local sporting good store.

Physical Skill

How do you acknowledge physical skill? Give them helpful cheerleading books. Or go the opposite direction, and include comical fiction about those who are less physically skilled.


Music CDs are always appreciated, and will be a welcome addition to cheerleading gift baskets. Choose the music for its rhythm. Get music without lyrics. It doesn't have to be classical music. Just concentrate on rhythm.


For girl cheerleaders, include hair ribbons and bows in team colors. Give all cheerleaders a small team mascot, if available. If you have started your gift baskets early, you might want to design a special "loyalty" gift at one of the online sites that prints photos on products. Choose a great cheerleading team photo, and have it printed on tee-shirts, mugs, or other items.

Physical Attractiveness

Every cheerleader, male or female, loves the mirror. Have small acrylic mirrors made in cheerleading poses. Have both female and male mirrors made to fit your team. Tuck the mirrors into your cheerleading gift baskets, or tie them to the gift baskets.

Outgoing Personality

Any "smiley" item makes a good gift basket stuffer. Look for "smiley" faces on mugs, character clip-on's, relaxation balls, and other items. A good mug for cheerleading gift baskets would be one that includes adjectives such as "terrific" and "awesome" with a "smiley" sunshine face.

Helpful Tip

Gift baskets for the team's cheerleaders will vary according to the age and gender of your cheerleaders. Every gift basket should, however, get across the message that you believe they did a great job and want them to know that.

Line your cheerleading gift baskets with tissue paper in team colors. Allow the paper to extend well above the balls. Finish off your gift baskets with large bows of ribbon in team colors.

By: Anna Hart