San Diego Real Estate Agents -- How to Choose a Good One

by : John Harris

Buying real estate in San Diego means you need to be prepared, informed, and ready to move. Working with one of the many can be a smart move, provided you know how to choose a good one in the first place. The San Diego market is high priced and highly desirable. It's remained competitive despite the fall in home sales over the last year. A qualified San Diego real estate agent can make the difference between getting the home you want and losing out.

Traits to Look for in a San Diego Real Estate Agent

The first thing I would look for is a San Diego real estate agent who really knows the area. San Diego County really differs from town to town, and an experienced local who knows the benefits of buying in Encinitas and the pitfalls of that home in Carlsbad is critical. Why? Your San Diego real estate agent should be able to act as a guide in helping you make offering and negotiating decisions. If you work with a San Diego real estate agent who is new to the area, or to the business, you really run the risk of missing out on key pieces of information or valuable connections. Yes, I know, you could find a really gung-ho rookie who proves to be the best San Diego real estate agent out there. But I'd place my money on someone with the experiences and the connections to get me the home I really want. These are the agents who can help you make an informed decision based on the individual needs of your specific family and situation.

Where to Find a San Diego Real Estate Agent

While you could start in the local yellow pages, it's my last recommendation. Phone books are quickly antiquated, while San Diego real estate agents who maintain websites or blogs are more likely to keep them up to date. Still the best way to find a reliable San Diego real estate agent is by work of mouth. Even if you are new to an area, start asking for referrals, and pretty soon you'll have a fistful of cards for San Diego Real Estate agents you can interview.

Once you have your list of potential San Diego real estate agents, make a list of questions that you feel will benefit your specific search. List traits you are looking for in a neighborhood, and ask for specific suggestions. If the agent you spoke to first does not sound like a good fit, simply move on to the next San Diego real estate agent. You may also ask for referrals to another San Diego real estate agent in the area that they may personally know or feel may be able to help you more in your search. The more questions you have, the more information you will have in finding the perfect San Diego real estate agent.