Life Partner Article

by : Dalip Singh Wasan

Your life partner wants a change.
Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

Since time immemorial allegations have been raised against men that they want a change and that had been the reason that they had been establishing institutions of dancing girls, call girls, prostitutes, dev-dassis and the like and they were found indulging in rape and adultery.. And at times they were found crossing all the limits of religion, caste, relations, age and the like. Therefore, there had been traditions that people had been keeping women away from this man and were not leaving a man and woman all alone except when they are life partners or mother-son, sister-brother or the like. And if we read news papers and at times we have to see the real face of men who could cross all the limits and now they are facing all the troubles including jail terms.
We have noted that this man needs and desires a change. Women are not coming forward and declare that in their heart of heart, they also want change and therefore, both the life partners must accept this challenge and they must provide change to each other. It is not suggested that they should allow each other to cross the marriage bonds. The suggestions are limited to both of them. And today, more and more facilities have been provided by science and technology and this advertising field and this film making industries have provided us with so many changes which we can adopt and on each day we can appear differently and we can meet the hidden desire of our other life partner. We have been given opportunities to see the models and actresses and actors. The directors and the people who are busy in preparing them for the scenes are putting in hard labour and they are also trying to meet the demand of people who are having occasions to see these models and these artists in action and what they do when they are meeting the opposite sexes. The life partners can adopt these methods when they appear before the other life partner.
We must make this life a period for enjoyment and we must enjoy because we have got much on which we shall be under stresses and under worries. We should get some time for refreshment and these life partners can provide to each other this break. They must adopt all methods of models and artists and please the other life partner. They should not wait for that occasion when the other life partner asks the other to prepare like that and like that, but both should try to understand the real desires in the other partner and they must prepare themselves like that. It is possible today because a big industry has been established for the preparation of men and for the preparation of women. Different types of cosmetics are in the market and they are approaching us through all the medias available for advertisement. The models and artists in films are giving us all information. We are to adopt the same way of life and we should turn this life a Heaven for us. Change is a must because we should try to meet the hidden desires in other life-partner. If the female is not coming out with her desires openly, it does not mean that she does not want a change. Men who change themselves and appear before their own women differently, they are given a warm welcome by the wife and they have more participation of their wives when they are with them. The men should not ask the women their desire, but they should have a look on models and the actors who had been liked by the people and the film industry had presented them in that style.
The life style is changing and therefore, we should be alive and when both life partners are there, they must be alive to the situations and they must know the changes which have come in the society around them. Therefore, they must clean themselves daily, prepare themselves daily, they must clean their teeth, their necks, their lips, their cheeks, their eyes and all the inner parts and at the same time they must use the perfumes which are liked by the other life partner. They must wear clothes which are in tune with the present norms of society and they must prepare themselves in the morning and in the evening and when they are to appear before the other life partner, they must be cautious that they are ready for the occasion. They must become so attractive for each other that the other life partner may come close and could have an embrace and a kiss.
Both partners must be fresh and should not appear before the other as tired and speaking someone else which may disturb the other life partner. We should not talk about others. The husband should not talk about a woman and the wife should not talk about a man. They must create an atmosphere that they are the only two persons on this earth at this occasion and they are made for each other by God Himself. If the life partners are cautious and are ready to give pleasure to the other life partner, they shall be bringing changes in themselves because the other life partner wants and change and it should be provided to him or to her.