Freestanding Bathtubs Add A Touch Of Class

by : Carl Formby

Things do tend to go in circles. This is true of fashion, with styles of clothes that we thought were dead and buried suddenly returning to become this year's thing. This is true of bathroom design and the movement of the last few years to make everything neat and with straight clean lines, with all the hardware of the bathroom encased in wooden frames has in many ways been replaced by a much more freeform look with relaxed lines and a more open plan design. One thing that this movement has brought about has been the return of the old-style freestanding bathtub.

However, if you think that a freestanding bathtub needs to be in an old-fashioned design, then you can think again. That is not to say that many people really do prefer an old-fashioned traditional look, such as that transmitted by claw foot bathtubs for instance, but there are now many styles of freestanding bathtub that owe much to modern designs, albeit with a splash of classical antiquity thrown in for good measure, and which can look absolutely beautiful in the most modern bathroom filled with ceramic and chrome.

Some of the bathtubs on offer from American Standard, for instance, are based on very pure classic designs, with some of the tubs being almost square, and looking for all the world like miniature swimming pools in your bathroom. These hark back to the bathrooms of antiquity, and that means Roman times rather than Victorian times. Install one of these bathtubs in your bathroom and you can suddenly find that the whole look of the room can be transformed, turning it into somewhere that looks something like a shrine rather than a place to have a bath.

The great thing about this move to a more open plan design is that it makes the bathroom exactly that - open plan. And with the new style of open plan design comes a really great feeling of spaciousness, which means while you relax in the tub you can look out as a much more spacious room, with the bathtub being the center of attraction, rather than it being something stuck in the corner.

So if you are thinking of redesigning your bathroom, don't think that your bathtub has to stay in the same position. If you have a bit of space to play with think about placing your bathtub - a freestanding bathtub of course - on a pedestal in the center of the room, and then when you have your bath you can look around your bathroom and see all parts of it rather than just simply looking in one direction. There is nothing better than being the center of the room for a feeling of luxuryScience Articles, and that is what bathing is supposed to be about in the first place.