Garage Door Tips For New Home Owners

by : Bob Kirkright

If you're one of Perth's many new homeowners, you might not have thought much about garage doors in the past. In all likelihood you aren't aware of all the benefits you can get from garage doors in Perth, or of the issues involved in choosing them. Here, then, is a quick run-down of what's in store for you.

#Choosing your material

Perth's new home owners have the luxury of installing garage doors in one of many different materials. The spectrum of options in Perth is easily wide enough to suit the environment of any home in the city. The metal and wooden garage doors of Perth could both be automated, given sufficiently enlightened homeowners, and new garage doors can also be added tastefully to your house.

The different materials on offer each bring some advantage to you. Wooden garage doors are perhaps the most magisterial front you could add to your home. They are generally more expensive than metal doors, but many consider the expense to be more than justified by the appearance. Wooden garage doors are, of course, particularly suited to period homes, but they can be used in other contexts. Those who find the wooden garage door too costly or too high-maintenance might prefer to buy a metal garage door with a wood-effect finish. From a distance of more than a few feet, these are visually indistinguishable from the real thing, and are superior to it in many practical ways.

The last common material for garage doors is metal. Metal garage doors have a satisfyingly solid feel. Metal doors are also a good choice if you live in a high-crime area, and would like 100% satisfaction about the security of your garage.


A garage door is a potential route for a burglar to gain entry to your house, and so it needs to be as secure as the rest of the building. Remember that your house is only as secure as the weakest point: there is no point having triple locks on your front door if your garage door isn't just as secure.

Clearly automatic garage doors, especially remote-controlled ones, need to take security seriously. Some garage doors solve the problem by using a unique, secret code to open the door. When you are buying a garage door opener of this kind, you should make sure that the code is different for each garage door sold, and that it is not possible to use the opener for one set of garage doors on another set. There should also be some mechanism to change the code. This will be particularly important if one of your garage door controllers is lost or stolen. This is not an uncommon occurrence by any means: people tend to keep controllers for their automatic doors in their handbags or their cars. When they are mugged or their handbag is stolen (both events are common enough that they are a genuine cause for concern), the automatic garage doors' remote control is in the hands of some criminal, and it becomes essential to change the codes on the garage doors. It's no different from how you would change the locks on your doors if your keys were stolen.

It may be possible to skimp a little on the security of your garage doors, if you don't keep anything valuable in your garage, and if there is a locked door between your garage and the rest of your house. But this isn't advisable, even if your garage is empty: people become lazy, forget that the garage doors aren't secure, and end up leaving the door into the rest of the house entirely unlocked. Better to be safe than sorry, and to make sure that you have a good, secure locking system on your automatic garage doors.