The Latest Trend in Glassware

by : Sanjeevkumar

The highly individualized plates have been designed especially for tastings and for specific food requirements. Each plate has a slight tilt forward so most delicacies can be sampled with just the use of a fork. The pasta plate has a small clever hollow in the edging for precisely that purpose. The dinner plates also have a deep well to keep sauces warmer and prevent them from running on the plates. This brilliant culinary concept embodies the trend for more individuality in food tasting and professional presentation. These are highly recommended for foodies and those who celebrate food and its various flavors, textures and aroma.

More collection of champagne coolers comes in a delicious palette of colors, pink, orange, white & stainless combo, smoke in addition to a variety of modern shapes in silver. The Sosso (far left) looks like a designer handbag, while the Culbusso (far right) is cut like a coutour dress around the bottle. They currently are available. They make perfect gifts for those who have it all.

Elegant collection of white poecelain and platinum is crafted by the historic Fuerstenberg manufactory, with hand-painted platinum accents. True to thier luxururious style the interior of the teacups are fully adorned in platinum as are the decorative teapot and eggcup.

Square shape with rounded edges is organic and clean, typical Scandivinan brilliance. Finnish designer, Timo Sarpeneva took four years to develop a way to attach the metal handle to the porcelain. The production of the handled objects is still one of the most challenging tasks for a modeler. The form has won countless design awards and continues to be a bridal favorite, especially for those who prefer modern. For more information