Thomas Vario Black Glass

by : Sanjeevkumar

Inspired by the work of Thomas Kinkade, Aileen Morleydesigns a collection drawing on the romanticism imbued within the Spodesubsistence. With its floral pattern encasement, crimson border and saffronunderlay, the Thomas Kinkade Collection is sure to add splendor to any tablesetting.

Designed by Aileen Morley, Spode Thomas Kinkade earthenwaredinnerware and accessories draws its inspiration from the romantic, beautifulimages of Thomas Kinkade. Set a shining, radiant table for holiday dining withSpode Thomas Kinkade dinnerware and accessories.

With rustic urbanity, O'Brien's finecasual table designs are dressed up, yet down home. Visually, the distinctionof this line is its daring juxtaposition of dark colors with platinum edges,and high shine against lustrous matte surfaces. A chestnut charger anchors thesetting with cinematic smoke blue goblets for sipping in mod style.

The Vario form, designed by the Yellow Circle design studio. The shape is representativeof their innovative design approach. The core design elements are the circle& triangle, which can be combined in innumerable variations. The black& triangle motifs are graphic & very much in style with the Pop Artrevival. Product of Thomas is available here. Please purchase on online