Riedel Tyrol Glass Collection

by : Sanjeevkumar

has been known for over four decades for designingthe most finely tuned instruments for every level of wine sophistication aswell, today, as the finest wine glasses in all price categories. While a glasscannot alter a fine wine or spirit, it can and does dramatically alter ourperception of it.

In 1958, Riedel introduced the Burgundy Grand Cru glass, theonly stemware on permanent display in New York City's Museum of Modern Art.Since then, Riedel has designed over 100 glasses. As a connoisseur of finewines and spirits (Georg was named Decanter Magazine's 1996 Man of the Year),Riedel develops new glass shapes to enhance the world's most exciting andcomplex beverages at tasting workshops with leading international wine andspirit producers rather than on a drawing board or by computer. Most ofRiedel's glasses in a myriad of shapes ranging in size from thimble to fishbowl were created to highlight the finest characteristics of the particularliquids they would direct onto the palate. That is, each glass was developedfor a single individual beverage and therefore has a specific purpose.

Developed by Georg Riedel on the principle that contentcommands shape. Each glass, tailored to a specific grape varietal, highlightsits particular flavors by directing where the wine first meets the tongue. 24%lead crystal. Hand wash. Made in Germany. Riedel produces a range of 24% leadcrystal glasses, with shapes and sizes to suit your wine, maximising the taste,aroma and finish. Combining Charles Mitchell finest wines with finestglasses is a match made in heaven and they are available exclusively to ourcustomers.

Designed by Georg Riedel, the glass has a soft pink stem andclear bowl to complement any color. The glass will be sold in sets of two for,attractively packaged as a pair in a black box adorned by a pink ribbon,wherever Riedel is sold. LBBC receives 15 percent of proceeds. Tyrol collectionstands on a solid half sphere which offers an amazing light reflection. Tyrolis executed in lead crystal which gives to the solid base a never endingsparkle and great stability. Please purchase on online