Hutschenreuther Ballerine Dinnerware

by : Sanjeevkumar

Paul Muller's factory was founded in 1890 and specialized inthe manufacturing of porcelain tableware.The back stamp with the crown in thepicture was acquired by in 1917. Between 1943 and 1957Hutschenreuther rented this factory to "Porzellanmanufaktur Berlin" whichwas destroyed during the war.

Hutschenreuther China has a stupendous array of offerings inchina and collectibles.? Many of theirdesigns are world famous.? First, let'spronounce the word: Hoot shen royter. One of Hutschenreuther's most famousdesigns is called "Revere."?This is a simple and elegant fine china that is suitable for anyoccasion.? Its elegant scalloped borderis accented with precious platinum trim.?Another favorite pattern is called "Maple Leaf."? This is a seasonal pattern whose design isineffable.?

Hutschenreuther ornament is a dated limited edition piece.This ornament is from 1994, and was designed by Ole Winther.? In 1814, Mangus Hutschenreuther establishedone of the first private porcelain decoration factories in Germany. Hedecorated white ware and produced his own patterns. Upon his death in 1845, hisson Lorenz continued the Porcelain tradition. Hutschenreuther was a trendsetter and enabled Germany togain an excellent reputation in the European china industry.

This Hutschenreuther set is in excellent condition as all ithas ever done is sat gathering dust for most of its 35 year life. This set islooking for a good home that will appreciate and treasure it as with a few moreyears under its belt it is bound to become a true collectors item. Pleasepurchase on online