Bjorn Wiinblad Candleholder

by : Sanjeevkumar

is gifted with a sparkling fantasy puttinghim in the position to create exuberant masterpieces of ceramics, which duringthe years have enthused people across the globe. There is no doubt about hissignificant position within the decorative art and craftwork. His design isstrongly personal and often has a touch of Oriental inspiration. In 1998, whenBjorn Wiinblad celebrated his 80 birthday, the exhibition place Sophienholm inLyngby north of the Danish capital Copenhagen dedicated a special exhibition tohis works through time. For the exhibition a catalogue with text written byBjorn Wiinblad himself was published.

A peculiar tradition in Wiinblad's family was that theyoungsters usually got an education as typesetter, only to find out which lineof business they would actually choose later in life. 17 years old Wiinbladfollowed this tradition and became a typesetters apprentice in 1935. Luckily heleft this path as a technical composer of newspaper pages and became an artist.To become a designer was a natural choice for Bjorn Wiinblad who already as achild was renowned for his creative mind. Before Christmas he was always busydrawing, painting, cutting and pasting astonishing gifts for friends andfamily.

Apparently, his calling is to create designs that makes theworld a little bit more beautiful, a little more inspiring, a little more funnyand often much more colourful. In doing so, he works in many different areas,for example with ceramics, porcelain, glass, posters, decoration for thetheatres as well as textiles. In his own words, working with many differentkinds of art is "a permanent search for the uncertain to be a beginner sothat I must exert myself to meet the requirements of the different tasks".This shall be seen contrary to the artists seeking perfection in one specificarea.

made his dream of illustrating Mozart's opera TheMagic Flute in relief form come true with this porcelain service. Probably themost technically complex Rosenthal studio-line form evokes the appearance of aproduction of the famous Mozart opera in porcelain. Each set element displays adetailed relief of one of the opera scenes. The undersides display therespective libretto text in the ornamental Wiinblad handwriting. Thecharacteristic Magic Flute reliefs are decorated with a hand painted platinumcoating. Please purchase on online