Hutschenreuther Very Designed Pasta Plates

by : Sanjeevkumar

Paul Muller's factory was founded in 1890 and specialized inthe manufacturing of porcelain tableware.The back stamp with the crown in thepicture was acquired by in 1917. Between 1943 and 1957Hutschenreuther rented this factory to "Porzellanmanufaktur Berlin"which was destroyed during the war. The history of the Hutschenreuther Companybegins with the name of Carl Magnus Hutschenreuther who opened the firstBavarian decorating after some years he started to produce porcelain himselfporcelain factory in the upper Frankonian region of Germany, in 1814.

Nowadays, Hutschenreuther is where high standard meetinternational flair. Being a member of the Group Rosenthal Wedgwood Waterfordit produces fine porcelain tableware for dinner, coffee and tea, gift articlesand hotel porcelain. As a yardstick and premium brand name for theinternational art de la table, Hutschenreuther offers both stylish and fineporcelain with exclusive character, functional image and innovative productrange. Gorgeous cup and saucer are entirely hand painted with pink roses andgreen foliage on a softly blended pastel ground. The rims have a wide band ofrich, old Roman gold and the art is exceptionally well done. The porcelain isvery fine and translucent.

In addition to decorating white ware, wanted to produce his own patterns, and after an eight year struggle with theBavarian Government (which was not interested in creating competition for thestate-owned factory), Hutschenreuther received the necessary permission tobegin production in 1822. Upon his death in 1845, his son Lorenz founded hisown Hutschenreuther Porcelain Company in Selb. Son Christian and widow Johannaalso worked to carry on the company tradition.

In the early part of the 20th century, Hutschenreuther grewquickly by absorbing factories at Altrohlau (1909), Arzburg (1918) andTirschenreuth (1927). The branches of the company were united in 1969.Hutschenreuther was a trend-setter and enabled Germany to gain an excellentreputation in the European china industry. The Hutschenreuther "Mark ofthe Lion" is a symbol of excellence that continues to this day. Pleasepurchase on online