Lunt Dumbell Rattle

by : Sanjeevkumar

All stainless steel patterns are available with 4-piecehostess sets, including Serving Fork, Serving Spoon, Pierced Serving Spoon andPastry Server. The latest 18/10 stainless pattern introduced by Lunt includesseven designs-Portico, Coco, Williamstown, Captiva, 1902, Sarong, and SarongGold. Lunt Silversmiths have of late introduced the new Oscar de la Collectionin three patterns, namely City, Island and Country. Couzon 18/10 stainlesspatterns are distributed by Lunt in select retail showrooms across the US. Theprice of stainless patterns is determined by weight, pattern detail, quality offinish, size of individual pieces, and the number of accessory piecesavailable.

Despite careful handling and regular polishing, silverwaretends to tarnish very quickly. This is primarily due to the inherent propensityof silver to be oxidized when in contact with air. For repairs and restoration,Lunt is closely associated with Roger Jette Silversmiths in Massachusetts. Withsuch careful handling of nuances, has managed to maintain its standing in the international market. Flatwarebeing a very popular bridal gift, Lunt Patterns remains a favorite. Notwithstandingtough competition, Lunt silverware, inclusive of both sterling silver andstainless, remains a mark of excellence.

The Lunt group of companies includes several top designs andmanufacturing units. With its headquarters at Greenfield, Massachusetts, it hasmany subsidiaries to manufacture international quality silverware. Couzon, USA,is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lunt. Couzon specializes in 18/10 stainlesssteel Flatware of traditional French design and size. Lunt Stainless flatwareis designed with rich, multi-dimensional appointments. Made from the finest18/10 stainless materials, our stainless patterns set new standards forcontemporary metalsmithing and tabletop style. Please purchase on online