Iittala Espresso Cup

by : Sanjeevkumar

The range is like a hamper packed full of good things, with something for everyone.We update the contents of the hamper a little every year, and even a littleevery season these days, but the fundamental ingredients stay the same:functional, beautiful pieces designed to stand the test of time, for decades tocome. Colors that always work well together are one of the key aspects ofIittala's 'mix and match'. A fresh breath of turquoise blue, together withblack – a complete and, at the same time, inspiring contrast have been chosenas the colors of the year for 2008 that are launched to the Iittala range.

Black is one those colors that always come around, althoughit never goes out of fashion either. It is particularly popular at the momentand can be found in a lot of retail and restaurants interiors, something thatpoints to it soon making waves in the home as well. Four of the most popularproducts in Iittala's Teema range have been singled out for the blacktreatment: the mug, the bowl, the dish, and the plate. These also feature ourinspirational colors as well. A sharp black espresso cup will also be added tothe Aika range, as well as black bowls will be launched to the Origo range. TheAalto vase will also look that little bit different when it is hand blown fromblack glass. Achieving a true black glass has been a challenge for Iittala'sglass craftsmen, but the result glows with a rich darkness that is completelybeguiling.

Blue has always been a popular color for glassware, as itsets off the vivacity and transparency of glass so well. For Finns, blueconjures up visions of the seasons and the interplay between water and ice,Finland's thousands of lakes, and the deep blue of the northern sky. Andturquoise blue works wonderfully well with the no-compromise quality of black. likes to introduce its colors of the year across a wide spectrum of the range,and turquoise blue pieces will be featured in Aino Aalto, Kartio, and Oteglassware, and Kivi candleholders and?Aalto vases. The color will also be included in the range of textiles onsale at Iittala stores, opening up new ideas for turquoise blue-featured tablesettings and new opportunities for mixing and matching with black. Pleasepurchase on online