Some Good Ways to Refill Bean Bags

by : Pattrick Jhonson

Do you know that bean bags have been introduced long back in 1960s? They were originally known as sac chairs. Initially bean chairs were made of leathery fabric and polystyrene beans. But, nowadays these beanbags come in all types of sizes, shapes, colors and textures. Even the outer covering can be changed from cloth, synthetic, vinyl, etc. Bean chairs are very popular with all age groups. As most bean chairs are made with Styrofoam beans, they become flat and smashed after using them for a long time, hence, they need to be refilled and repaired. Even they can wear and tear due to sudden accidents or ripping of the outer covering known as shell. But, relax, as bean chairs can be easily refilled or repaired. The inner filling of beanbag may come in all kinds of refill sizes. Whatever size you may need for your bean chair is your personal choice. You can use your imagination and use many homemade or waste materials to refill your bean chairs. Some people use real beans (dried), rice flaks, rice, paper shreds, shredded sponge and even thermocol balls to refill their bean sacs. But, some of these materials may be too heavy or even rot-so these are not ideal options. Best thing to get a ripped bean sac back in order is to pick out the same spilled material and reuse them once again. Usually polystyrene beans hold on for a long time unless the bean sac is really rough-used. You may also buy new polystyrene beans to change old fillings into new ones. The ideal way to repair a bean bag is to rip them open inside a large plastic bag, empty the old polystyrene beans and then replace them with new ones. Take care to stitch the bean chair in a very professional manner such that the stitches are close together with a strong thread. A bean bag may also come with ready zippers, which could be opened for refill purposes. If your bean sac is ripped and wants new fillings, then you may use duct tape for closing the bag after refilling. If the outer lining of a bean chair is made of vinyl, then you may buy vinyl repair equipment. You may get them from any home d├ęcor or home improvement shops. The kit may contain bonding materials, matching fabric pieces for a perfect repair. SoFree Web Content, go ahead and repair your old bean sac into a new one.