Stylish Traditional or Modern Contemporary Fabric?

by : Tom Heath

For those who wish to have unique window coverings andsoft furnishing there are is a vast assortment of different weight fabricavailable to select from.

Etiole fabric used by the French for curtains,upholstery and bed coverings provides a unique charm which is complimentary toboth modern and traditional houses. One of the latest fashion trends ofinterior design is to use Etiole, chenille and flock printed fabrics with acreamy white background colour and subtle shades of patterns to achieve a‘shabby chic’ look. These woven materials are excellent for curtaining andre-upholstery. Co-ordinating accessories such as scatter cushions, foot stoolsand table runners can add a touch of panache when made from fabrics ofdifferent weights such as faux silks or faux suede.

For more contemporary homes stylish corduroy fabric isrobust and can be used to make a variety of different furnishing coverings aswell as curtains and cushions. Teamed with plain or patterned Damask fabrics aretro appearance can be accomplished. These hard wearing fabrics are suitableto use in any room of the home or workplace.

Fabrics with a traditional look includes Jacquard andbrocade, these materials are available in a whole host of plain and prints.Small prints which are within the same colour spectrum as the background colourprovide an appealing appearance to the eye which is ideal for large windowcoverings, pelmets, curtain swags and hold-backs.

The use of stripes and chequered fabrics can add abright and informal look to a room. By having a mixture of different sizestripes and checks in complimentary colours can produce contemporary look, iffurther small floral fabrics are combined a charming cottage style can beaccomplished. The use of stripes, checks and small floral printed fabrics canalso give the impression of more space in a room. The use of window blinds usedwith similar styles of fabrics will also give the illusion of more space.

Plain reversible fabric in deep rich colours or softpastel shades are ideal for coordinating any style of room. When teamed withflock prints which have creamy white backgrounds and bold contrasting leafsilhouette designs in black or deep redsScience Articles, a whole new dimension to a room canbe accomplished.

For curtains to hang correctly they should be lined orhave interlinings. Curtain linings will also help prevent the sun from fadingthe fabric and blackout lining is excellent for bedroom curtains.

Wadding is ideal to use with lightweight fabric tomake bedspreads and when upholstering chairs as it provides extra weight andstrength to fabric.