Graduate Sales Training And Support

by : deaott

All too often, graduates who go to recruitment consultancies are given only the most cursory of assessments before being put forward for jobs, and then are left to learn sales skills on the job, with piecemeal or inconsistent training and support. It is time for graduate sales professionals and recruits to choose their best possible career options and go with progressive sales recruiting agencies.

Rather than assessing people on their sales experience in the past, the best recruiting agencies take on people that they believe have the potential to be great salespeople in the future – they look for a great attitude and then build the rest through a series of training courses and coaching programmes, helping graduates acquire sales skills in a structured, tried and tested manner. By taking on graduates with little or no sales experience, and then moulding them into salespeople through a carefully designed graduate sales training and support programme, they can start with a fresh slate rather than having to unlearn old and tired sales habits. The result? Highly motivated and highly skilled young salespeople.

Nor can just anyone join their graduate sales training programme or get placed with corporate clients. On the contrary, they are exceptionally picky about getting only the best candidates in for assessment, meeting face-to-face over an extensive period rather than the quick interview that most recruitment consultancies grant candidates, and engaging in group scenarios, psychometric testing, and informational presentations. These new recruiting agencies get to know their candidates a lot better than most recruiters, and that way they can be confident that the people we put forward for jobs really are the best available.

Sales people need to look at recruitment agencies that have a commitment to excellence. The best recruiting agencies offer comprehensive services throughout their connection with corporate clients and sales recruits, whether it is a month-long consultation with a corporation or a year’s worth of professional development for a sales person. This type of commitment show the confidence of employers with their method and the success that these agencies have in finding the right connection between employers and employees.

The philosophy behind progressive sales training is that it should be innovative, memorable, and fun, and relevant to the challenges that salespeople will face in their jobs. It is the mission of the new wave of sales recruiting firms to maximise the potential of each of their recruits by making the right placements the first time.