Top Toys 2007

by : Alex Lum

The "Top Toys Awards" are presented each year in New York at the American International Toy Fair. There is a variety of categories from infant up to the older children. The best and brightest toys of the year are picked. The Toy Industry has chosen the following top toys 2007 in each category.

The toy that took the best toy of the year from all categories was the TMXâ„?" Elmo from Fisher-Price®. Elmo has three tickle spots, which are located on his toes, tummy, and chin. Tickle him and he'll start to laugh. It's easy to see why this was one of the best of the Top Toys 2007.

The girl toy of the year is made from Hasbro Inc., and it is the Butterscotch Pony from the FurReal Friends collection. Every girl dreams of having their very own pony and now they can, with the realistic sounds and movements of this lifelike little pony.

The boy toy of the year is the Spy Video Car made by Wild Planet Entertainment Inc. This small remote car has a built in infrared camera so spying on siblings and friends is great fun. You can see that top toys 2007 for both boys and girls are fun and educational.

The top game of the year for both board and CD Rom is Cranium's Zooreka. The whole family can enjoy this game, by building your very own zoo. Every move keeps the players thinking. Wait, there's more than just building a zoo, there's also danger lurking at every move in this game of chance.

There are some great choices if you are in the market for a new toy, but wait - there are more top toys 2007, so let's carry on.

The best outdoor toy for the year was a tough pick but in the end, it was Radio Flyer's Fold 2 Go® Trike. This compact handy trike can go anywhere. It comes fully assembled and folds for easy storage or transport. Now you can take your child's trike to Grandma's house. The low center of gravity makes it very stable.

Educational toys are always a popular choice and this year the toy that was chosen for providing the best skill development was the Small Globeâ„? 2.0 made by Oregon Scientific. It comes with 30 activities and you can make use of the cordless smartpen to navigate through all the learning activities. Your child will learn countries, populations, currencies, leaders, and so much more.

Every child needs a good activity toy and this year one of the top toys 2007 in this class was the Moon Sandâ„? from Spin Master. Moon sand is the new play dough. It never dries out and it can be used repeatedly, and it expands to twice the size of the package. It'd designed for ages 3 and up and your kids will find hours of playtime here.

In our modern world, electronics are important so this year the Digital Camera from Fisher Price ® is the top pick in top toys 2007 placement. There's a lot of high technology in this Kid tough camera that will keep the imagination flowing.

We've covered just a few of the top toys 2007 choices, however there are others, and what's important when buying your children toys is to buy quality, well built products, that stimulate, and help your child grow.