Alarm Cable for Less

by : John Leo

Due to increased international demand from countrys like China and India the price of commoditiy items has skyrocketed in recent years. This rise in costs is especially evident in the metals commodity markets. Since copper is the key element in low voltage electric alarm and audio cables and is a commodity metal the cost of low voltage wire and cable has also dramatically risen in recent years.

Another factor which contributes to the cost of low voltage wire and cable is how much copper production processing is involved in making a particular type of copper conductor for for the low voltage wire and cable.There is much more processing and thus cost in the manufacturing of stranded copper conductors. A less costly alternative is to use solid copper conductor wire and cable since it does not require the extra manufacturing processing costs of stranded wire copper conductors.Wire and cable made with solid bare copper conductors is not as flexible as those made with stranded copper conductors. The loss of some flexibility is made up for with the lower cost of solid conductor wire and cable. Most low voltage alarm systems use a small gauge (22 awg.) size wire and the small loss of cable flexiblity does not just justify overlooking the costs savings of using solid conductor wire.

In today's market the cost of a 2 conductor 22 gauge (awg.) stranded bare copper alarm cable would be around $29.50 (US Dollars) per 1000 feet (304.8m) of wire. The cost of a 2 conductor 22 gauge (awg.) solid bare copper alarm cable is $26.95 (US Dollars) per 1000 feet (304.8m) of wire. By using the solid bare copper conductor alarm wire you would save 8.64%.

Here is another example:This 2 conductor 22 gauge solid bare copper alarm cable cost just $20.75 (US Dollars) per 1000 feet (304.8m) of wire. If the 2 conductor stranded bare copper security cable costs $29.50 (US Dollars) per 1000 feet (304.8m) of wire, you save $8.75 (US Dollars) per 1000 feet (304.8m) of wire or 29.66%.

Here is a more detailed description of the alarm cable which costs just $20.75 (US Dollars) per 1000feet (304.8m) of wire:

Unshielded Cable:22/2 solid bare copper CMR 1000 ft(304.8m)Spools Brown * Weight per 1000 ft (304.8m) Spool is 10 lbs (4.5Kg) * The correct order quantity is the total number of 1000 ft (304.8m) spools needed. If 5000 ft (1524m) is needed then the proper order quantity is 5. ( 5 spools of 1000 ft 304.8m) * Applications:Nurse Call,Home Alarm System,Zone Fire Alarm,Residential Security,Home Theater,Communication Cable,Circuit Control Cable,Home Automation,Sound System,Intercom,Public Address System,Security System,,Power Limited Control Circuits,Commercial Security * Approvals:NEC Article 725 & 800,Type CMR,CL3R & MPR,CSA Type FT-4,UL Subject 13 & 444,California State Fire Marshal, -20 to 75Degree C, 300 Volt Rated * Conductor Insulation: PVC * Jacket:Riser Rated PVC,Rip Cord,Ascending & Descending Footage Markers * 4 x 1000 ft Spools in a Box * Order in Increments 4. Example 4 spools,8 spools or 12 spools ect.

Use solid bare copper conductor wire and cable and save your money!