Mold Removal-Its Not Just About Cleaning Out The Fridge

by : Jim Corkern

We have all had the experience of finding mold on some type of food in our kitchen. Be it on the loaf of bread hanging out on the counter for too long, the cheese in the fridge, or taking over the leftovers forgotten about in the back of the low moisture crisper drawer. We make disgusted faces (some of us even feel temporarily nauseated due to how gross it is), throw out the mold-ridden food, and get on with the rest of our day just fine, feeling satisfied with the mini mold remediation we have just accomplished.

This one-two-three mold be gone process unfortunately does not translate to the situation of encountering mold growing on surfaces in our home. This is a serious health and safety concern and cannot be managed as easily as throwing out some bread or cheese. The source of the mold growth must be determined and eradicated. Simply cleaning and disinfecting the area might make it look nice and harmless, but the mold will reappear shortly. Additionally, the ill effects on our health will be making appearances as well.

What is mold anyway?

Molds are a type of fungus and a naturally occurring organism. They play an important part in nature, outdoors, as they help to break down dead organic matter. They play a sickening and difficult to control role indoors as their spores float through the air, land on damp places and proliferate. Until the mold grows, it is impossible to even know that it is there as the spores are invisible to the naked eye.

How can indoor mold growth be prevented?
If you can prevent moisture, you can prevent mold. Kitchens and bathrooms should have exhaust fans. If condensation appears on your windows, humidifiers should be turned off. Leaks should be fixed immediately. The dirt in crawl spaces should be covered in plastic and well ventilated. Use air conditioners and dehumidifiers if hot and humid weather is encountered. Water damaged areas must be dried within 24-48 hours to prevent the growth of mold.

How can mold removal be permanent?

This is a major project with two main components. The mold needs to be cleaned up and the source of the moisture must be eliminated. If only one of these components is dealt with, then the mold will come back. Acting very quickly is of the utmost importance. Among the many ill effects of mold growth is damage to the object that the mold now calls home.

In the worst case scenario, homeowners have had to evacuate or destroy their house. If you take just one thing away from the information presented here, let it be that mold removal and mold remediation should be dealt with swiftly. Notice that in the worst case scenario presented above, there was no mention of the homeowners trying to sell their house. A mold-ridden home is a home that no one will buy.