Hiring from Overseas - A proven way to keep staff turnover low

by : monstersteel

Staff turnover maybe a more expensive cost than you realize, it can be costly in terms staff morale, training costs and recruitment related expenses. If your company experiences 20 percent or greater staff turnover per year this may already a threat to your bottom line. By taking advantage of hiring immigrant specialists you can keep your personnel turnover low.

The report on job openings and labor turnover prepared by United States Department of Labor states that in July 2006, there were 3.8 million job openings in the United States, mostly in the services sector, as well as manufacturing, education, healthcare, warehousing, utilities, etc.

According to Jelger Kalmijn, the President of University Professional and Technical Employees affiliated with the Communications Workers of America, Clerical staff turnover is approaching an annual rate of 50%.

Despite some opinions that employing of immigrant people is viewed as a threat to this socially-economic phenomena, some economically developed countries as Canada, the USA, and Australia are only three welcoming traditional destinations of immigrants. Right now there is a rise in economic immigrants and competition for skilled workers is increasing.

Sensitive choice of foreign employees may become key solutions to boost small businesses or to promote already developed larger firms. If you look closer, you will see that hiring immigrants presents many more cost cutting opportunities.

In general, immigrants promote economic development, help diversifying workforce, and bring life and work experiences from abroad. Moreover, they pay taxes, like everybody else.

By hiring immigrants, you are facilitating their desire to be self-sufficient, helping them achieve their dreams, and contributing to the stability of immigrant neighborhoods. And the most important point - they are qualified and productive workers.

To calculate the rate of staff turnover in practice, divide the number of employee departures your practice has experienced in the last five years by the number of staff members you have employed over the same time period. Then, multiply that number by 100. If the result is 20 percent or more, think about the new perspective in employing.

Keeping labor turnover low is significant. It requires awareness of the current state of the work environment and choosing appropriate new employees. There are advantages to hiring non-specialists and training them, however employing already experienced and highly motivated specialists from overseas can save time and money and they will have the skills to train the next generation apprentices or junior staff.

There are observers who consider employing already experienced personnel as a ready made solution to prevent stuff turnover. It is a fact, that workers, which are more satisfied with the balance of their work and life, are company-loyal and desirable. You can save money on training and hire people from abroad who are eager to work and are motivated Focus on your core business rather than ongoing recruitment process because every its sources, as well as time and attention are limited. Outsourcing can help shifting focus to customer organization activities.

Countries like the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia are making it easier for skilled workers to come to migrate.

They contribute to the economy the same way as local inhabitants, facilitating values to products or services, which can later be sold locally or exported and in the process contributing to the country's GDP.

Moreover, immigrants save and invest; they bring capital with them, particularly economic migrants. For example, in 1996, there were 120,000 economic immigrants out of 225,000 immigrants and refugees in Canada. Boosting the economy and helping to keep interest rates low.