Work At Home Mom? It Just Takes Confidence!

by : mphcoach

That time when you become a mom is a time of huge change. A time when you really must enjoy your family.

And eventually, you might need still more - especially when you've had a challenging career which was always very fulfilling.

So, you've gotten your family started, what now?

In fact, sometimes children can spur ideas for creating the dream job. Today's working world offers mothers the chance to stimulate ideas and see their dreams come to fruition.

Becoming a "mompreneur" does not happen overnight. It takes some dedication and perseverance when balancing your responsibilities.

If you already are employed by a company, you may want to see if you could work at home part-time, to test the water and see if you can balance working from home, while attending to your children.

It can test your ability to stay concentrated on the tasks at hand instead of turning on the television to catch your favorite show. Keeping yourself on a schedule is vital to being a successful work-from-home mother because there are too many possibilities for interruption.

These interruptions can prevent you from completing important tasks or deadlines. It will also help you separate time for work and time to spend with your children.

Creating boundaries, such as a separate room for your office or a dedicated phone line for work calls, will also help divide work from parenting. It may also require you to find ways to multitask in order to achieve deadlines.

This may involve using a laptop and a cell phone to take care of your business needs while taking the kids to the doctor or sporting practices.

As with any dream job, you have to know what it is you want to do. This entails finding a career that you are willing to dedicate yourself to and take yourself away from when your children need you.

Many mothers find themselves in marketing and sales, such as hosting parties for selling make-up or Tupperware products. Other mothers have been involved with developing clothing items or other practical items needed during pregnancy and after a baby is born.

Jobs like these are great when working from home because they can allow you to set your own hours, find time to socialize during work and pay the bills.

When beginning any businesses, especially something out of the home, it is important to realize that success comes in strides and you may not have large sums of income in the beginning.

When starting your job as a "mompreneur", you should be aware of work-at-home scams that can drain your dreams of success. Beware of cheats who may ask you to fork out money for expensive equipment, materials and fees only to find little work comes along.

Realizing your dream of working from home also requires dedication and support from your family. Office jobs require a certain level of understanding from a partner and the same holds true for mothers who work out of their home.

And you will look for and ask for the support you need in your new challenges, won't you? Likely as not there will be friends, family and others around who will be up for the opportunity to help. Just don't be afraid to ask, that's all.

Then you really can shift your life into overdrive.

New family, new business, what a combination!