Can You Write a Music Contract From Scratch?

by : tycohen

The real question is do you know how to write music contracts from scratch or even at all? I am going to assume that your answer is no and that is why you are here. Your typical music business contracts are extremely thorough and full of jargon and terms that the average person would not be familiar with. But there is no reason to be worried because you do have options.

You have to take into consideration that there are hundreds of types of music business contracts inexistence. So, there is no possible way you could learn to write them all. That would require you taking extensive coursework and maybe even studying for years. And who has time for that? I mean think about it, there are contracts for songwriters, artists, licenses, royalties, for managers, producers, photographers...The list goes on and on.

Recording contracts and music contracts can contain all sorts of things. Licensing, Publishing, Performance, Commercials and Merchandise are only a few of the terms covered in music contracts. There is no way an inexperienced person could remember to include everything. That is why you are going to need some help. It is obvious that most people can't afford $400 per hour for an entertainment lawyer so they have to explore a different route.

Were you aware that there templates and forms for music business contracts available? That is absolutely right. These are forms that you can edit anyway you would like. They are also available for every single genre or situation that you may encounter. It is amazing if you think about it. You no longer are forced to obtain a ridiculously expensive lawyer to write these bad boys for you. It will definitely make your life in the music industry that much easier. No more insane lawyer's fees, no more worrying about what to include in a contract or worrying about music contracts in general.

You do need to remember that these contracts need to be industry standard, related to any genre, compatible with all computers, up to date and easy to edit. Then all you have to do is fill in the blanks with your information, print the contract and sign, just like that! Investing in these types of music business contracts will undoubtedly be one of the best investments you will ever make for yourself as a musician or your company.