Hamilton Canada

by : Sattik Ghosh

Hamilton is a city situated in one of the most beautiful states of Canada, Ontario. It is a city with a bright history and even more bright future. It is said about this city that it began with romance, romance of Robert Land and his wife, who was the soldier of united empire. It is believed that he was the first settler in this part of the world after he escaped from the death sentence in Pennsylvania USA. He settled here on the edge of the lake. There are many more stories connected with this man who made this seventh heaven called "Hamilton".

There are more interesting things than history to tell about this city. It is surrounded by some other exciting cities like Westdale, Ancaster and Dundas. These cities have character of their own and along with Hamilton, they are the best place for dining, visiting galleries, going to lavish green parks and last but not the least, shopping. In downtown area of Hamilton, a place called James Street North is considered the powerhouse of artistic energy as there are so many art galleries full of art made by artists of Hamilton itself. The other place called Locke Street in Hamilton is famous for its collection of antique stores, collectibles and cafes. Hess Village is famous for its cobblestone streets and also for several very beautiful restaurants and music and dancing clubs that keeps this area in dancing mood till midnight. The district of Waterfront is considered a heaven for hikers, boarders and those who want to challenge water's natural power. In the eastern most part of Hamilton, there is no stopping for shoppers who love to bargain as there lay the Ottawa Street. One can also find some tribal cultures also with their food shops and outfits shops in this area of shopper's delight.

This city has the pleasure of having some of the best tourist destinations of the state of Ontario. It has the luxury of the Royal Botanical Gardens, the very famous Bruce Trails, and tons of conservation parks and water parks etc. This city in Ontario is a very famous destination for all those tourists who want to get into the heart of the state of Ontario. Its closeness to Toronto and Niagara Peninsula makes it even more famous and ideal tourist destination. Princess point at the edge of Lake Ontario is one the most beautiful parts of Hamilton city. Encircling the lake is the very well maintained path.

Reaching Hamilton is not a very big task. It is very well connected by air, rail and roadways. J.C. Munroe international airport serves major international air carriers and have regular flights to other destinations of Canada and also to America and Caribbean islands. Alder shot railway station is supported by VIA rail. It is along side Windsor-Quebec city corridor. This railway station is packed by passengers during tourist peak period and rush hours. Bus service is also extremely well managed in this city. Some busses run from Kitchener, London area and also from Niagara falls to Buffalo in USA. The bus depot of Hamilton is situated in downtown in Jackson and Hughson. This city has very god bus transit system. The city busses in Hamilton run to almost every street with very frequent timings and very cheap tariffs.

This was just the clip of this very beautiful city, 'Hamilton'. This city has many more things which are worth watching and enjoying. No doubt, the city of Hamilton, Canada is indeed a paradise for the tourists and those who visit there once; it will prove to be the ultimate bliss and ecstasy.