The 5 Thoughts of Mr Employee..And Hes Neither Right Nor Wrong!

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Being an Entrepreneur is not so easy is it? If it was, majority of the people would be starting their own business and no one would be working for someone. In any case, that may not necessarily be a good or bad thing, because entrepreneurs need people who are workers to do the jobs that require skilled or professional expertise while they focus on marketing and drumming up business and sales. If everybody wanted to be the leader, then who is going to be the follower?

Today's article will focus on how most employees think. Now there's nothing wrong with being an employee. People have legitimate concerns or simply satisfied with the way life is..and not seeing a need to change it..

Here's Employee thought number 1.

"I have no business experience at all"

A valid point, which is why we could simply be part of a corporate team and ensure that we are indispensable, so that the next younger guy that joins the team will not be able to overtake our job. Some employees actually prefer to join SME's so as to gain better exposure to the entire way the business is run, and thus be able to start a similar business in future.

Employee thought number 2.

"Unable to find any interesting business opportunity"

After all, if one cannot find a business that excites them, its best not to get started. Be sure that an area is within your circle of interest, because its easy to get in a business, get bored with it and give up. In a way, owning a business is like having a pet. You can't just throw it away once you get tired with it. Too much time and monetary investment has gone into it.

Employee Thought Number 3.

"I am not good at Selling or Marketing"

While majority of businesses requires sales and marketing. It is the way the sale is conducted that makes one good or bad at it. If you're selling ice to an eskimo, do you think the sale is going to be easy? If you're selling ice to someone stranded in the desert, how do you think the sale will be like? Sales is about giving people what they need, solve problems with your product and people will be throwing their money at you and thanking you for it.

That's what differentiates a million dollar business man from a door to door sales man.

Employee thought Number 3.

"No one is able to help me in my business"

Why should anyone help you in your business, unless you're offering something of value to them. There are a few ways to solve this. Do a Joint Venture with reliable people in the industry you're interested in and offer them benefits. Because the typical partnerships sometimes result in 1 partner doing more then the other, another way is to be involved in a Network Marketing structure, where everyone is more or less responsible for his and her own success. The upline sponsor is there to lend support, but he should not be the main reason for success or failure. Everyone counts primarily on themselves to succeed.

Some people might think that Network Marketing businesses are scams, well, it's not true so long as the PRODUCT is of good value. Money is made by Product Sales and not active recruitment. Ever heard of people doing $500,000 worth of product sales online?

Employee thought Number 4

"My friends & family says it is very risky to be an Entrepreneur"

Brick & Mortar Businesses have a high degree of risk. Trends are moving toward the Internet, and there is a huge amount of money to be made there. Few people even know how to receive an Internet Cheque. While the idea of risk applies to the traditional offline business, an internet business offers extreme margins (ever heard of selling personal development courses online?) to those who know how to go about it.

Employee thought number 5

"Don't even know where to start in business or get support".

It is very hard to get support selling products online, because people who are making money will not tell you the methods they are using to do it. And they shouldn't, after all, their success is deservedly due unto them for the work they put in. The other Internet Income model is a "Funded Sponsoring Franchise" which ensures that money earned is channeled back into advertising and local support. This early cash flow prevents debts and is a good way for anyone to start an internet business.

With that said, it's a good idea to be an employee and work an internet business, because the internet is essentially a money making machine on its own for the people who know how to market on line.

So dear employee, work hard in your day job and channel some funds into an internet business or funded sponsoring franchise internet model. Once a cheque or 2 starts arriving in the mail, its going to be quite fun and addictive.