A Taste Of Moroccan Way Of Life Inside The Villas In Morocco

by : Gwen Llana

Unquestionably filled with abounding tourist destinations, the Kingdom of Morocco is frequently jam-packed with spirited travelers from all over the world. Beguiled by the naturally beautiful landscapes, terrific beaches, and impressive architecture of villas in Morocco, tourists would doubtlessly find their way to this little African heaven. And once they set foot on this majestic country, the first thing they should do is choose a comfortable place to stay-- apartments, luxury hotels, or even villas in Morocco.

Of all the types of tourist rentals, villas in Morocco are best for tourists who really want to experience the Moroccan lifestyle. Compared to traditional hotels and apartments in Morocco, villas can give you more than just a cozy resting place. They also offer features to remind you that Morocco is a gloriously peculiar country. So if you're one of the prized guests, you can be certain of living like a real Moroccan throughout your stay in this country. However, feeling like you're actually in your own home doesn't mean that you can do everything and anything you want in it. If you really want to act like a real Moroccan, you will have to go about your everyday tasks the Moroccan way. Here are some do's and don'ts to remember:

DO...take time to ask the people working in villas how they are doing

Welcome a beautiful morning by asking the person serving your breakfast how he's doing. Remember that in Morocco, Moroccans don't just give a short greeting to people they meet. Instead, they usually stop and say "Ca va?" --a sweet way of inquiring about a friend's life. Staying in one of the villas in Morocco would teach you this little lesson of concern for your neighbors.

DON'T...smoke or drink alcoholic beverages inside the villas in Morocco

Since Morocco is generally against smoking and drinking, it is advisable for you to offer some vice abstinence during your stay. You might argue that the precious villa is your home but as a visitor, you should still show respect to the anti-smoking and drinking practices in the country. Should you find it hard to resist a strong craving to smoke and drink, just make sure that you'll be polite enough to clean your own mess.

DO...invite some of your new Moroccan friends to your villa

By nature, Moroccans are one of friendliest people you'll meet. You can actually gain friends by simply walking on the street, riding a train, or window-shopping at a boutique. Moroccans value the people they meet by inviting their newfound friends for a casual dinner. As a host of one of the villas in Morocco, why not prepare a simple meal for your friends?

DON'T...do anything that is offensive to Islam

Moroccan people generally have a strong Islamic faith. Despite some Moroccan practices that deviate from the traditional beliefs of Islam, people in Morocco still value a personal devotion to their beliefs. As a guest in their country, you don't need to convert to their religion but only value their practices to fully enjoy the Moroccan way of life. Be respectful of others, especially your neighbors who are also staying in one of the villas in Morocco.

The intricate designs and the considerable array of Moroccan meals in villas in Morocco will leave you a memorable impression. But best of all, you'll also learn about Moroccan values that will inspire you even after your stay.