The History of the Grand Prix of Monaco

by : Tania Machowska

The first Grand Prix was organized in 1929 by Anthony Nogh? his father was the president of the ACM, Automobile Club from Monaco. They tried to organize it already one year before but that was declined. Eventually, thanks to the support of Louis Chiron, later to be known as a famous Grand Prix Rally pilot with the Monegask nationality, the first Grand Prix took place.

Bugatti, by the Italian Ettorre Bugatti, an automobile manufacturer from the French town Molsheim, Alsace was the winning car driven by William Grover-Williams. The race is held on the streets of Monaco, one of the most tricky races in the Grand Prix of Championship, the streets are narrow and risky.

The Grand Prix those days was an invitation race only and several of them didn't wanted to risk joining this race without being prepared; Maserati from Bologna Italy established in 1914 and Alfa Romeo from Milan Italy didn't want to compete. Mercedes Benz from Germany sent his driver Rudolf Caracciola to drive the Mercedes SSK. Chiron couldn't drive the first Grand Prix as he needed to attend another race, but he was there the next year and ended 2nd, the year after he took victory.

And then from 1938 until 1947 the Monaco Grand Prix couldn't be held due to financial problems. The years after several of times the race was on and cancelled again due to financial problems, new rules concerning the race cars, the death of Prince Louis 2"eventually from 1955 (which was the 13 Monaco Grand Prix) up until today the Monaco Grand Prix has never been cancelled anymore.

The Grand Prix of Monaco turned out to be one of the most prestigious events to attend, it doesn't only involve the races but the also the glamour and glitter this sport event attracts every year. It is necessary to plan this event as you can't find any hotel, apartment of residence in Monaco or nearby when the race is held.

One of the most exciting races Monaco ever had was the one from 1996 when only 4 cars finished, Michael Schumacher who takes pool positions needs to give up after one lap, Damon Hill takes over for 40 laps but his engine drops out on him, Jean Alesi now takes over the lead part but also he has to give up after 20 laps. Then Oliver Panis comes along who only started in place 14 takes over, he takes the leader ship and wins the race with a David Coulthard driving the whole way behind him. It was Panis only Monaco Grand Prix Victory.

Greatest racer ever is Ayrton Senna who won the Monaco Grand prix 6 times, from 1987 until 1993. He was incredible and could not be beaten, until he died in a crash, a tragedy that still isn't solved. Was it an accident, the question remains" Ayrton Senna died on May 1 1994 in San Marino. Michael Schumacher said of the crash and death of Ayrton Senna; "What has happened is so dramatic and so bad that I feel no satisfaction in winning".

After Ayrton Senna it was Michael Schumacher (5times) and David Coulthard (2times) who one the Monaco Monte Carlo Grand Prix. Fernadno Alonso is next in row with 2 times in 2006 and 2007.

The race is held in the middle of the centre of Monaco, that is what makes it so different to other race tracks. This one really needs to be built and it takes 6 weeks to built it up and again 3 weeks to get everything out again. Thursday is the practice session, Friday the streets are open to the public again. Once the race is finished a part of the track is closed and the stage is set up, it is the only race where the stage is so close to the public. Monaco Grand Prix is the most exciting race of all. The parties during and after the race are a result of that.