Barbados, A Historical Sunny Sanctuary

by : Anna Stenning

Other than the main European sunny countries of Spain, Portugal and the South of France, British people are fanatical about going on holiday where there is sun, sea and sand. The one place that stands out on the globe is the beautiful island of Barbados. This is one of the most popular beach holiday destinations, with sunshine almost all year round and luxurious Barbados hotel, this is the ultimate haven for a relaxing break away, no matter how old you are.

Not only is it the vacation sanctuary, abundant with tourists and easy to book swanky Barbados hotel leisure, it is full of historical insights and impressive cultural traditions that make it more than just a pretty face. Before this island became a popular holiday break, it was a place that had once seen a brief of array of settlers before finally establishing themselves as an independent island.


The first indigenous people to have populated in Barbados were the Amerindians who are believed to have travelled from Venezuela around 350AD. This was then followed by a second influx of migrants by the Arawak people, around 800AD. It was not until the thirteenth century that saw the final wave of the Caribs people migrating from South America, like the Arawak people the next few centuries saw the Carib people isolated on the island.

The origin of the name Barbados has been a subject of controversy for many years. During the 1500s, the Portuguese Conquistadors briefly took over the island and were the first Europeans to enter into the island; however, it was not until 1625 that the British settlers landed in the Isle and colonised the island. They soon established the cultivation of tobacco and cotton, which later was taken when they began cultivating sugar. Slavery was introduced into the island, with people coming from the African region to work the sugar plantations.

Up until 1816, a revolt took place and slavery was finally abolished in the British Empire during 1834. Due to the slavery period, the island became 90% populated with people from Africa.

Barbados Today

These days the island of Barbados is relatively peaceful and popular as a beach holiday. The Southern and Western coast are most popular due to its Atlantic Ocean and light pinkish coloured beaches. Booking a Barbados hotel is often pricey due to its internationally recognised brands, including the recent Barbados Hilton Hotel.

Attractions include a wildlife reserve, exotic restaurants, shopping mall, scuba diving, helicopter rides, golf, plenty of sightseeing, cave exploration and yet more fine shopping. Possibly one of the most renowned traditions of Barbados is the yearly festivals that are in particular symbolic of the Barbadian culture. These festivals include the famous Crop Over festival in the summer season, which is evident of the English influence on the culture.