Pensacola is All Fizzy

by : Douglas Scott

Pensacola, Florida has had a rich and colorful history dating nearly 450 years, being the first settlement in the continental United States in the year 1559, and controlled by five countries.

Pensacolas location has caused great turmoil, with many buildings destroyed by wars, and by numerous major hurricanes.

The location, south of the original British colonies, and as the dividing line between French Louisiana and Spanish Florida, along the Perdido River, has caused the possession of the city to change multiple times.

Pensacola has been under the possession of the Spanish, French, British, United States and Confederate States, and has remained a part of the United States since the end of the American Civil War.

Along with wars, numerous hurricanes have been a major factor in Pensacola history. The climate of Pensacola is subtropical, with mild winters and hot, humid summers. Summer temperatures are characterized by highs in the low 90s and lows in the mid 70s.

The average high in July is 91 F which is 32.8 C, with 59 days per year reaching at least 90 F on average 32.2 C. The average low in July is 75 F which is 23.9 C. Evening thunderstorms are common during the summer months.

Temperatures above 100 F or 37.7 C are rare, and last occurred in July 2000, when seven days over 100 F were recorded. The hottest temperature ever recorded in the city was 106 F or 41.1 C on July 14, 1980.

Home to the protected Gulf Islands National Seashore, our beaches have remained untouched through the centuries.

Imagine a place where you can relax on the whitest, most pristine beaches youll ever find. Indulge in delicious seafood from award winning restaurants. Have fun with your family on the island or in the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

From fishing to diving, building sandcastles on the beach or just relaxing to a good book in your beach chair, just sit back and enjoy what Pensacola Beach has to offer.

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